Giant Voltron Drone Lifts 61 Kilograms For A New World Record

Giant Voltron Drone Lifts 61kg For a New World Record

Norway is now the home of a new record-setting superdrone called the Megakopter, which recently snagged a Guinness World Record for hoisting just shy of 61kg.

Designed and built by students at the University of Oslo, Megakopter's lifting capabilities come from the fact that it's actually a Voltron-like mashup of eight smaller drones held together with a lightweight wood and aluminium frame. A set of four inflatable exercise balls also serves as squishy landing gear to lessen the impacts of rough landings.

Giant Voltron Drone Lifts 61kg For a New World Record

In total, the Megakopter has 48 electric motors that keep it aloft, and its creators have been continuously working to improve and refine its design to make it more and more capable. Lifting 61kg for 30 seconds was enough to earn it the Guinness World Record for "Heaviest Payload Lifted by Remote-Controlled Multicopter", but the Megakopter's creators see that achievement as just a stepping stone towards their real goal: being able to one day climb aboard the craft and take it for a spin, instead of piloting it remotely from the ground.

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    This has nothing to do with Voltron. :(

      multiple separate units strapped together to work in unison as one whole?

        Yeah, it's the strapped together bit that ruins it. They're just like any thing made up of smaller things.

        If they all flew in separately and combined to lift stuff - before slicing it with a big laser sword or some such - we might have an analogy.

    This can't be right....

    That was RC controlled, just that the payload was the pilot...

    Guinness Records shouldn't authenticate things which are patently not records, because the other (and several others now) are definitely in the public domain..

    Many people use C for manned experimental craft, because the raft can be tested unmanned, and manned without any modification.

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