For Some Reason I Want This Impossibly Complicated Cutting Board

For Some Reason I Want This Impossibly Complicated Cutting Board

Cutting boards don't need to be complicated. They're just big, preferably wooden things that you can chop on. Simple. But despite the flawless logic above, I still want this ludicrously expensive bells-and-whistles cutting station. First, let's get this out of the way: $CAD165 is an absurd amount of money to spend on a thing that you're just going to stab with knives, even if the Australian dollar is at parity.

However, the modestly-named "ULTIMATE CUTTING BOARD" actually goes a long way to justifying its ultimate price tag. The board is big, generously thick and made of maple. It splits into two pieces to work as serving platters, with magnets keeping the halves in place when you want to use it as a board.

For Some Reason I Want This Impossibly Complicated Cutting Board

More interestingly, it has a bunch of common kitchen tools built in: You've got a cute little citrus juicer, bowls for your finely chopped onion and a grater stowed in the board. There's also a little drawer for storing anything else you'd like to keep to hand.

I know what you're thinking: None of this can justify spending that much on a single chopping board. And to be honest, you're right. It's a doubly stupid purchase because it's a Kickstarter project, so you'd be dumping $165 in order to maybe get an expensive cutting board in April, maybe. But still: juicing a lemon while cutting your onion? The future is truly here.




    Yeah, but how do you clean it?

      To clean using hot water, sponge and a light amount of soap, scrub off any foods and fluids that have come into touch with the board. Scientific evidence shows that in cleaning, the volume of water matters more than anything, as it washes away bacteria and particles, so make sure you run it under lots of water and especially on scarred sections that are good at trapping food particles.

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