First Clive Palmer, Now China's Richest Man Wants A Dinosaur Theme Park In Queensland

It's not Clive Palmer's robot dinosaur park, and it's not Roma's 3D printed Rhoetosaurus, this is a Chinese Billionaire eyeing off Queensland's Gold Coast as the location for his dinosaur theme park aspirations. And it looks like it might actually happen.

Asif Islam /

Wang Jianlin, Chief Executive of property and cinema giant The Wanda Group has his sights set on expanding into the attraction park industry. Specifically, according to reports, the dinosaur attraction park industry.

The Wanda group has invested significantly on the Gold Coast, launching direct flights to Wuhan last year and financing the $970 million Jewel project in Surfers Paradise.

Wanda Group general manager Xie Hong has spoken of the plans to build a new theme park on the Gold Coast, calling it the “perfect” location.

“Wanda in Australia has already acquired the biggest cinema company in the country and theme parks are one of the things Wanda wants to invest in the future,” Mr Xie said.

“It is Wanda’s intention to set a theme park up on the Gold Coast but this major project is still under negotiation with the State Government.”

Now that Wanda is looking to buy a majority share of Jurassic World's production company, Legendary Entertainment, plans are being revealed as to the theme the planned park with take.

With nothing 100 per cent confirmed, we can only hope that life will find a way, and we will soon be planning trips to our very own Jurassic Park (minus the dodgy IT department and dinosaurs that can actually kill you).

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