Faraday Future's Electric Hypercar Looks (Too Much) Like The Future

1000 electric horsepower. 0-100km/h in under three seconds. A top speed of 320km/h. These are the wild numbers that startup electric car manufacturer Faraday Future is touting as possible with its future electric vehicles, and it's showing a visually appropriate concept car — one that conveniently doesn't have to back up the company's big talk — called the FFZERO1.

Faraday Future gained notoriety late last year for poaching top talent from Tesla Motors, Google and Apple, and at a press event at CES 2016 in Las Vegas last night, unveiled the FFZERO1 concept car. Showing a concept is the easy way out for Faraday — its impressive specifications won't be put to the test and the car itself won't be mass produced — but as a vision of what the company wants to be, it underwhelmed.

Faraday claims 15 per cent more battery capacity than the 85kWh cell in the top Tesla Model S, which is capable of around 430km of all-electric range; that would make Faraday Future's electric car travel around 500km on a full charge. The company is bankrolled by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, who owns television and gadget company LeTV, although it was originally thought to be the secret work of Apple.

A 1000-horsepower electric hypercar may sound impressive, but it's a car for the point-zero-one-percent, starkly at odds with competitor Tesla's goal to eventually bring electrification to the mainstream and mass-produced commuter car. So, feast your eyes on the FFZERO1, but don't expect it to be driving down Parramatta Road any time soon.



    This may be for the 0.1% now but every nice bit of high tech in your car started off in your 0.1% cars.

    Please make a 12 seater one of these, cheers.

      I, too, wouldn't mind driving an electric bus.

    It looks like a world endurance championship car; nothing like a road car and it looks extremely expensive. I don't get what the point of this car is and what they are trying to pitch? make a racing car that drives it self? or has so many drive aids that your not really driving the car yourself? At least Tesla understands its market it is going for.

      I'd imagine they're trying to grab interest because it's so eye catching. Speaking for myself if someone was pushing a concept car and it looked like a Hyundai Excel I wouldn't even bother looking at it. I'd assume they're not actually intending to try marketing something like this.

      That said, maybe they could... there is a market for supercars after all. Not like a Pagani Zonda or the latest Lambos and Ferraris are any different. Whether their design is "super" enough is a different issue :)

    Concept cars are about design cues and a figurehead for the company. Mazda has done similar things over the years, most notably with the Furai in 2008 which you can now see the design cues on production cars like the CX5, 3, etc.

    Concept cars do a great job of getting people to talk about the company too!

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