Electric Shock Risk Sees More 'Hoverboards' Recalled In Australia

Amidst calls to ban them entirely, another brand of "hoverboards" has been recalled in Australia.

The Smart Scooter comes with a charger that doesn't have Australian approval, putting the user at risk of electric shock.

The Smart Scooter was available for sale in Australia from the 3 December 2015 to 20 December 2015, so it may be worth checking up on those Christmas presents.

If you do have a Smart Scooter, the advice is to:

  • Stop using the charger immediately by switching off the power at the socket outlet and unplug it from the socket outlet.
  • Place charger in a safe place where it cannot be accessed to prevent use. Replacement chargers will be sent to all effected customers along with instructions on how to dispose of your faulty chargers.
  • Contact Product Safety Recalls Australia on 03 9913 5092 or email [email protected] for more information.

Some good news, though — researchers may be close to working out how to stop "Hoverboards" exploding.

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