Electric Shock Risk Sees More 'Hoverboards' Recalled In Australia

Amidst calls to ban them entirely, another brand of "hoverboards" has been recalled in Australia.

The Smart Scooter comes with a charger that doesn't have Australian approval, putting the user at risk of electric shock.

The Smart Scooter was available for sale in Australia from the 3 December 2015 to 20 December 2015, so it may be worth checking up on those Christmas presents.

If you do have a Smart Scooter, the advice is to:

  • Stop using the charger immediately by switching off the power at the socket outlet and unplug it from the socket outlet.
  • Place charger in a safe place where it cannot be accessed to prevent use. Replacement chargers will be sent to all effected customers along with instructions on how to dispose of your faulty chargers.
  • Contact Product Safety Recalls Australia on 03 9913 5092 or email [email protected] for more information.

Some good news, though -- researchers may be close to working out how to stop "Hoverboards" exploding.



    what if Segway bought these hover boards, make them defective, resell em to the public so they get bad rep...?

    Don't they have to pass some safety testing to be sold here?

    nah, its like buying a laptop from overseas


    Is it effected or Affected?

    I only remember the usages of this type of word from Anatomical usage (straining the memory banks), An Affector, is something which has something done to it (is affected) while an Effector is something which does something to something else (effects change).

    An "Effected individual" must have effectively orchestrated something successfully, while an "affected individual" has had something orchestrated by another individual on themself.

    not sure really...

    PS, (Google for stories on the widespread MISUSE of the CE label by China, to mislead the international community that products are approved for sale in the European Union).

      The CE lable isnt approval for the EU, its just that its China Engineered (C E not CE) :P
      see... (/sarcasm) no confusion or misleading statements (/unsarcasm)

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