Apple Power Adapters Recalled Over Electric Shock Risk

Apple has issued a voluntary recall of Australian AC two-prong wall plug adapters for Mac and iOS devices from between 2003 and 2015. The adapters were also included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. Apple has reported there have been 12 incidents globally of the adapters breaking, and creating a risk of electric shock.

The affected adapters are also used in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Continental Europe, New Zealand and South Korea.

The recall does not affect any other Apple AC wall plug adapters designed for Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, United States or any Apple USB power adapters.


An affected two-prong plug adapter has either four or five characters or no characters on the inside slot where it attaches to the main Apple power adapter. Apple advises to stop using these adapters immediately. Visit the website for information on how to identify and exchange affected adapters for the new, redesigned version.



    Look for a number on the part that detaches?

    That's helpful considering many will just keep that part of the plug as a spare when the adapter long wears out or if one uses the extension card on the MacBook AC adapter.

    Why can't they simply put up a page that lets us enter the serial number on the adapter itself to see if it's affected?

      If you dont see "AUS" inside the "duck head" (Apples jargon) then you can just stroll in to your nearest Apple store and swap them over for new ones (assuming they have stock). You don't need to take anything else with you, or find your serial number.
      In fact, I had more trouble with finding serials then the duck heads as I have heaps of adaptors but not necessarily all my phones/ipods etc.

      How is it not simple to Understand? If you have a serial number in the location mentioned, The device is affected. If it does not contain and serial number it is not. You cant simplify it anymore than that

      If you cant understand someone that simple i cant fathom how you use an apple device in the first place, Let alone comment on here

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        It's just worded poorly. The techie at my local Apple store cleared it up.

        Basically, the reason why they are after the number is because the device itself is not at fault: only the plug.

        So, no my interpretation was right; Apple simply didn't bother to check their own publication and make it clear the plug is faulty and not the charger itself.

        If you have a serial number in the location mentioned, The device is affected.

        As I pointed out in my past post, the number was on the plug and I even recycled the plug from my first AirPort when it blew its fuse and even keep a draw of these plugs because I use the extension cord on the MacBook charger.

        So going by Apple's misleading article, I had no way of knowing which device was affected because I no longer had a clear relationship between the adapter and the plug.

        But as I just said, it turns out the charger is fine, it's the plug that's at fault.

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      it's not the transformer/power supply that's faulty.
      it's the actual adapter plug its self, the small piece plastic and metal with the region specific prongs.
      so the serial numbers would be useless as you can plug any adapter plug in to it (or even a standard figure 8 appliance lead)

      these plug adaptors can and do wander between OSX/iOS device power supplies (I even use them to to plug in to the various chargers for my Canon and Panasonic camera batteries so I'm not travelling/carrying the extra bulk of 4 or 5 full sized power cables + the generic travel plug adaptors) so yeh serial numbers, not so useful for determining if the plug adaptor is faulty, but probably needed for online claim form (or just walk in to your local apple store).

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    Will this stop the weird electrical vibrations you feel when you touch a macbook pro/air while its on the charger? Or the occasional electric shock the metal body gives you when its sitting on a couch/bed?

      I get the 'vibrations' when it's not plugged in. It's just how the metal surface feels, it's not an issue. Never had the electric shock from my iPad Air 2

      If you are using the 2 pronged adapter (the wall plug that goes straight into the power pack) then this might be due to the laptop not being grounded. I used to get electric shocks through my earphones and a slight humming sound when using the 2 pronged plug. If you use the 3 pronged cord that plugs into the powerpack, that is grounded and might solve all your weirdness. it did mine.

      so cord - power pack - cord - laptop is 3 pronged and grounded
      wall adapter plugged straight into powerpack - cord - laptop is two pronged and not grounded.

      I get that too! Particularly on my 2010 13" macbook pro. It's only when using one of my power adapters. I was unsure if it's some wierd effect of the aluminium surface or actual voltage that I feel, but it sure isn't pleasant!

        It's the magnetic adaptor. Because it's basically touching the surface of the device instead of pressed into a sheilded port, it spreads a small amount of ungrounded voltage across the entire thing. I have the same problem with my Surface Pro 2, and to a lesser extent, the Surface Pro 3/4. Basically any all-metal device that uses a magnetic power adaptor.

      The occasional shock may just be static electricity.
      After reading @fr it could be the supply is floating. When there is no earth reference the ground in the power supply on switch mode power supplies might not always be 0v with respect to earth and can be sometimes of a great difference old vcrs could hover at 100v or more above true earth. Bet you have been zapped by an old pair of rabbit ears.

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      Those weird electrical vibrations? It's called the force. The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

        I boot camped my old MacBook Pro. Does that mean it's gone to the Dark Side? :-P

    errrrr....i don't think that's meant to happen

    well obviously its not Apple's fault. we are just using it wrong no doubt

    Please note, Apple will ask for serial number of the product. Not the serial of the power adapter, but of the product i.e. IPhone / iPad etc. if it's out of warranty, it's not getting swapped. Also, if you don't have the product serial, not getting swapped.

      Complete and utter bullsh.t there SerialWhat. I Just strolled into the local apple store, gave a genius my adaptor plug and he went out the back and got a replacement, no questions asked. What's with you writing total bullsh.t?

        Plus the point under Australian consumer law where they have to fix it if it's a manufacturing fault regardless of the warranties they impose.

        What I wrote was my experience OTP with Apple Support. If I had an Apple store within strolling distance, perhaps my experience would have been better. They were literally stumped when I had no serial.

        Thank you. Saved me a lot of worry and angst over fronting the store without a warranty/serial number, wish people would stop making bs comments and freaking folks out.

          Wasn't a bullshit comment. As per smog it's reply, different support channels, different requirements. OTP were literally stumped when I couldn't provide a serial number. Reality bites.

        Having a look yesterday, if you try and do it over the internet and I assume the phone then you are prompted for the device serial. Walking in is another matter and I've seen a few suggestions it's going to be the easier and more relaxed way to go about it if that option is available to you.

        I think it's a case of different support channels having different base requirements, although I'm sure you can escalate it over the phone if you needed to due to not having the serial number handy. They're probably looking for proof of purchase, and a valid serial number is one method as is having the device on you when you go to the store.

    this realy good , i like.

    So why has it taken 13 years to notice or was the 2003 a typo?

      No idea, and not a typo either:

        Do you know if this recall applies to the Apple Battery Charger?

        I have one with the affected adapter.

      Cause Apple likes to drag it's arse until something is reported on mainstream media.

    The adapter for the Apple battery charger is the same, given description of the faulty part, and is not a part of the recall?

    Made In China ... oh wait, I forgot ... Designed in California Then - Request a replacement via the web

    Three days in a row at the Apple store in Chatswood Chase and no plugs in stock. Go online they say. Online does not recognise my serial numbers so its back to the shop. Is this a safety issue or what? Apple not having stock is ridiculas. I will try again and this time I'm angry.

      What was that?! My post WASN'T bullshit? Thanks Steve f.

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