El Chapo And Sean Penn Just Gave BlackBerry Its Best Press In Years 

El Chapo and Sean Penn Just Gave BlackBerry Its Best Press in Years

When it comes to clandestine meet-ups with drug lords, screw WhatsApp. Turns out BBM is indispensable for interviewing the most wanted fugitive in the world.

Rolling Stone has published Sean Penn's account of visiting notorious drug kingpin and tunnel expert Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera, giving BlackBerry some fine press clippings.

The 55-year-old Madonna bondage enthusiast relied heavily on BlackBerry's proprietary instant messaging service to connect with El Chapo. Penn describes how actress Kate del Castillo makes contact "a web of BBM devices" and how he eventually sent questions to El Chapo using BBM.

Even though Penn apparently readily admits that he does not know if laptops were still being made anymore, he was able to understand how to work BBM -- a testament to the service's simplicity.

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    It's the best press in years for Blackberry that someone using their system touted as highly secure and encrypted was tracked down in a matter of days and arrested?
    I would have thought that constituted the WORST press in years.

      To be fair, the BBM service isn't designed to be anonymous, only unreadable if intercepted in the field.
      Additionally, it has already been established that non-BlackBerry Enterprise Service communications can be decrypted with the right court order and physical access to the regional server cluster.

      Like any privacy or security technology, if it's not used properly with the right settings/functions activated, it won't do what you want it to do.

    I don't know what's more incriminating, El Chapo's drug empire or people that are still using BlackBerry's...

    Jokes aside and echoing the above, us humans are the weakest link. All the safety guards in the world won't protect you from carelessness.

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