Chrome Is About To Load Web Pages Way Faster

If you like Chrome but don't think it loads web pages fast enough, you might be in luck. Google has now readied a new compression algorithm for the browser which will squeeze web pages down by as much as 25 per cent more than it does right now. The new algorithm, called Brotli, is designed to replace the one that Chrome currently uses, known as Zopfli. (Google has always sucked at naming things -- in this case, Brötli means 'small bread' in Swiss German.) It's been in the works for a while, but the code is now ready to roll, according to Google's Ilya Grigorik.

Google claims that it uses a "whole new data format" that manages to squeeze down web page content by an impressive amount -- apparently squashing HTML, CSS and JavaScript down by 17-25 per cent more than Zopfli.

It does that while also achieving comparable decompression speeds which, it might not surprise you to hear, "allows for better space utilization and faster page loads". Google also reckons it will provide "benefits to mobile users, such as lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use". Sounds good, eh?

The code is now said to be readied to the stage of "intent to ship", which means it should appear in Chrome very soon. Good news for the impatient.

[Google via Engadget]

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    Wouldn't this depend on the web server you're connecting to actually compressing the data before sending it though?

    This is welcome news. I've been experimenting with Firefox over the past few months when chome has been freaking out on me (just freezing even without any extensions loaded - usually lasts a week or so after a new version) and I feel that firefox is quicker. I've seriously been considering a permanent change back Firefox.

    Find me a way to download files from Chrome that doesn't require an external program and maybe then I'll give a damn. Meantime I'm sticking with FF, I can make it look and work pretty much how I want. Oh, and I don't mean a video downloader either, I mean a full blown download manager like "Downloadthemall".

      You probably mean "DownThemAll", in which case you'll lose out if Firefox deprecates XUL-based extensions too.

      "DownloadTheMall" is a less useful add-in, unless you need somewhere to virtually hang out with your virtual friends after virtual school.

        Why yes, yes I do mean "DownThemAll" thank you for picking that out. :)
        Btw, if they do stuff FF up, I will be very sad, very sad indeed! :)

        Last edited 21/01/16 4:01 pm

    Cool. Html/css are already tiny, and most JS libraries are cached on ur device from cdns. Most web pages are slowed down by the images which this doesnt support. So web pages wont be faster by 25%. At best we're looking at 5% faster browsing on your first visit to a website.

    Last edited 21/01/16 9:06 am

      "html/css are already tiny" made me laugh.

      Still living in last century?

        yeh nah. Minified html and css is small. Add in browser caching, gzip on the server and its even smaller. What I said stands. If you're a web developer your opinion on the actual speed increase being greater than 5% is welcome.

        Last edited 21/01/16 12:55 pm

    This is a good news. There are still ways to reduce the size of html and css. This might have the same principle with their Google AMP that stripped down page that only includes the most vital content

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