CES 2016: 10 Cool Gadgets Coming This Year (We Hope)

CES 2016: 10 Cool Gadgets Coming This Year (We Hope)

Before the world’s biggest consumer gadget show has even begun, manufacturers are vying for position as the next cool thing at a preview event called CES Unveiled.

At the Las Vegas event there were exquisitely designed objects from France; next-generation gear for music nerds; DIY virtual reality kits and much, much more.

Here’s what whet our appetite.

Vuze Virtual Reality Camera


Wake up and smell the croissants! You can’t get more French than this.
Instead of blasting your ears with some god-awful alarm every morning, this alarm clock invented by a talented 19-year-old Frenchman wakes you with smells.
Simply pop a scent canister into the clock before you go to bed — kind of like putting a coffee pod into a machine — and the pungent smell will arouse your senses in the morning.
Creator Guillaume Rolland says the only time it won’t work is if you have a blocked nose, in which case there is a back-up. If you don’t press the button on the clock within three minutes to let it know you’re awake, it will start playing music.
Working in partnership with a French perfumier, the initial seven scents are croissant, espresso, seaside, lush jungle, chocolate, peppermint and — exclusively for the project’s Kickstarter backers — the smell of money. Each pod last for 30 alarms, or about a month.
Pre-orders are available now at $US109 for the clock with a free capsule, while a pack of two capsules is $10. First shipping is scheduled for May.






The Ring



Marshall London Phone

This will have rock nerds everywhere champing at the bit. Designed to look like a Marshall guitar amp, this little guy has a black textured back and a brass volume dial. A brass “M button” at the top works as a shortcut to the phone’s music player, while dual headphone jacks mean you can share in listening to favourite songs with your beloved. Naw. It also sports a high-quality microphone, inbuilt EQ software, and dual front-facing speakers.
Unfortunately the London Phone is only available in Europe, and Marshall does not appear to have any plans to bring it to Australia, particularly as it only works on 3G networks. But stay tuned for future editions which might see 4G LTE compatibility.

With Amanda Hoh
Hannah Francis travelled to Las vegas as a guest of LG.

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