Bill Is A Meme. Bill Is Everywhere. You Can’t Escape Bill

Bill Is A Meme. Bill Is Everywhere. You Can’t Escape Bill

This thing *gestures, wildly flailing literally everywhere*. You know what I’m talking about. It’s taken over our Facebook feeds in record times. It’s gone from a light-hearted (yet ridiculous) thing to share on social media to a vehicle of seething hatred towards social media and meme culture to the latest bandwagon for political parties and ill advised brand social media managers.

It started out pretty innocently, with this basic meme.

Then Facebook profile personal information mining site in exchange for a crappy meme site Blobla, you could create your “Be Like Me”, which is randomly generated. This is mine:


It’s basically a thinly-veiled dig at anyone who uses their social media platform for something the creators deem “annoying” or “not smart”. And if you’ve got nothing better to share on Facebook than complaints about what other people share on Facebook, it’s probably time to get off Facebook.

But, as happens on the internet, it’s become it’s own thing — and in record time. It left Facebook, and hit the land of bad advertising choices, Twitter. It’s being used for everything from encouraging safe driving to, to activism, to promoting internet providers.

This is Bill.
Bill is everywhere.
Bill will be forgotten in a week.
Until then, choose the dropdown on Facebook to “hide all from Blobla” and say goodbye to Bill in your newsfeed.
On twitter, mute #BeLikeMe and #BeLikeBill

Bye, Bill.

This one is actually for a good cause:

Gotta love that snark:

Hail Satan:




Bill is educational:

Okay, so promoting support for nurses is definitely a good thing:

Bill is a model driver:

I want to be Uma Thurman when I grow up;