Bill Is A Meme. Bill Is Everywhere. You Can't Escape Bill

This thing *gestures, wildly flailing literally everywhere*. You know what I'm talking about. It's taken over our Facebook feeds in record times. It's gone from a light-hearted (yet ridiculous) thing to share on social media to a vehicle of seething hatred towards social media and meme culture to the latest bandwagon for political parties and ill advised brand social media managers.

It started out pretty innocently, with this basic meme.

Then Facebook profile personal information mining site in exchange for a crappy meme site Blobla, you could create your "Be Like Me", which is randomly generated. This is mine:


It's basically a thinly-veiled dig at anyone who uses their social media platform for something the creators deem "annoying" or "not smart". And if you've got nothing better to share on Facebook than complaints about what other people share on Facebook, it's probably time to get off Facebook.

But, as happens on the internet, it's become it's own thing -- and in record time. It left Facebook, and hit the land of bad advertising choices, Twitter. It's being used for everything from encouraging safe driving to, to activism, to promoting internet providers.

This is Bill. Bill is everywhere. Bill will be forgotten in a week. Until then, choose the dropdown on Facebook to "hide all from Blobla" and say goodbye to Bill in your newsfeed. On twitter, mute #BeLikeMe and #BeLikeBill

Bye, Bill.

This one is actually for a good cause:

Gotta love that snark:

Photo: Aboriginal Australian People

Hail Satan:


Photo: Cosplay Tutorial



Bill is educational:

Okay, so promoting support for nurses is definitely a good thing:

Bill is a model driver:

I want to be Uma Thurman when I grow up;




    Opened Facebook this morning.
    Saw about 5 of these.
    Closed Facebook.

    Almost time to delete Facebook.

      This is the first time I have ever seen this. Honestly.
      I escaped Bill until Rae wrote this article.
      Maybe because I'm not on Facebook?

      Last edited 25/01/16 5:48 pm

        So i guess not being on Facebook is the new vegan.

    I found the first 2 (which came out weeks ago) funny, it's more when everyone jumps on the hype train where it gets annoying. Way to flog a joke all the way into the ground.

    Being popular on Facebook used to take some real work

    > Find some content that is really funny. Videos work well. Download it to your computer
    > Put a caption over the top with some emoji (e.g. "I'M DYING LOL!!!" and four of those crying with laughter faces)
    > Watermark the video with your Facebook page name (e.g. "Shut up I'm still talking")
    > Save the video with image quality lower than 50% for that "I did it first because my video looks older" look. Also upscale the 120x240px video to 4k.
    > Post it online with a sharebait caption (e.g. "OMG IM LAUGHING SO HARD CLICK SHARE LOL!!!")

    Now you can just make a fucking "Be like Bill" meme. Kids these days are getting so goddamn lazy, it sickens me

    On the "snarky" one, nobody thinks Captain Cook discovered Australia. We are all taught in school that several European explorers - Abel Tasman, William Dampier, et al - preceded Cook by as much as 150 years. And we celebrate Australia Day on the day of our independence from Great Britain, not on the day Cook landed in Botany Bay (although they are the same date and that's not a coincidence).

      never mind the fact that Australia was already founded before any of the europeans got here...

      we celebrate Australia Day on the day of our independence from Great Britain

      Tempting to think you are joking given your 'we are taught in school' comment but somehow I don't think so. Um 2 things - first, we don't have independence from the UK - we have self rule. Not the same thing. And second - seriously? 26 Jan celebrates the day the First Fleet landed at Farm Cove in 1788, not when Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay (29 April 1770), and not when the Federation was created (1 Jan 1901).

      So sad.

    The irony of this article is that the meme takes a crack at the sort of person that would write something like this. That's kind of the point.

    im not complaining, i did it and got the one that describes Saitamas training regime.

    Bill is a fad.

    Bill will disappear sometime soon.

    I know this because popularity comes and goes.

    I'm smart.

    Be like me.


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