Big Shark Eats Little Shark In Aquarium

Big Shark Eats Little Shark in Aquarium

Video: It doesn't get any badder than the savagery that is a big sand tiger shark eating a little banded hound shark even though they're both being properly fed because they were both inside an aquarium in South Korea. There's food and yet cannibalism. You can see the entire swallowing process of that big shark which lasted the entire day in the video below.


    damn nature, you scary!

    But it's a different species of shark, so is it really cannibalism?

      Idk, is it cannibalism if I (a Caucasian), go out and eat an Asian person?

      I would imagine so.

        All humans are of the same species.

        Race is really a societal construct, not a biological one.

    As a diver who puts on a feeding show every day, you'd have to be thinking that maybe the sharks need a little more food so that their next appetizer isn't your arm.

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