Barbie Is Finally Available In Three New Body Types

Barbie Is Finally Available In Three New Body Types

Fifty-seven years after first giving little girls an unrealistic representation of what a woman's body should look like, Mattel is finally introducing three new versions of the iconic doll featuring tall, petite and curvy body types. Already available for pre-order on the Mattel website, the three new versions of the doll join the original in the continuing Barbie Fashionistas line. So while little kids no longer have to feel bad about not looking exactly like the slender, impossibly-proportioned version of the doll that's been available for half a century, they still better make sure they're keeping up with the latest fashion trends if they want to feel accepted. Great.

In a comprehensive advertorial over on Time's website, Mattel's Evelyn Mazzocco, the head of the Barbie brand, admits that it's taken the toymaker a long time to adapt the doll to more modern views on beauty and accepting the uniqueness of one's own body.

Barbie Is Finally Available In Three New Body Types

But Mazzocco also points out that "changes at a huge corporation take time". It's not a completely implausible excuse as to why Barbie has gone almost entirely unchanged for close to 60 years; changes to a factory and manufacturing processes do take time. However, since 1959 Barbie has switched jobs hundreds of times, requiring new accessories for each one. She's had more costume changes than a thousand Broadway musicals, has lived in countless beachside dream homes and has had a fleet of sports cars that have always reflected the latest models available in the real world.

Everything else in the Barbie toy line has easily adapted and kept up with the times, so there's really no reason why the doll itself couldn't until now. Oh, wait, it turns out that Mattel now has to produce two different sizes of shoes to accommodate the new versions of Barbie. One can't even begin to comprehend the logistical nightmares behind such a change.

[Mattel via Time via The Verge]

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    Mummy mummy get me a barbie!

    Do you want the tall one? the fat one? or the normal one?
    ______________________SOMEWHERE ELSE IN REALITY______________________________
    Hey mum.. can you buy me an action man?


      Do you want the machine gun? The Uzi? The knife? The shotgun?

      It's high time boys' toys started reflecting the diversity in killing implements that we see in modern society.

      Dont forget the short one. 5ft barbie, 6ft barbie, curvy barby and normal.

    Well where's Fit Barbie? Wouldn't she be one of the better role models for girls to aspire to? Rather than chubby barbie?

    "Curvy" Barbie still doesn't come close to some of the little porkers running around these days.

      yeh but spherical barbies did not test well

      Also wont they need to have difference sizes of cloths now?

    Very clever idea, not only are they able to pander to the 'health at every size' people, but because there are different sizes of doll now, you have to buy different sizes of clothing for each one. I'm surprised they did not do this sooner, it's going to get them tonnes of free publicity.

    Pretty cool dolls, good idea having more heights/shapes. The curvy barbie is hawt

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