Bandai Desperately Wants You To Think These Dragonball Z Figures Are Lego

Bandai Desperately Wants You to Think These Dragonball Z Figures Are Lego

Well, to the point that they don't get an angry letter from the Lego Group asking them what the hell they think they're doing, that is. But this new line of miniature toys based on Akira Toriyama's designs of some of anime's most recognisable heroes do walk a pretty damn fine line.

The line of tiny "Figmes" include Goku, Vegeta (and super-saiyan powered up versions of them), Krillin, Piccolo, Frieza and Cell, and given that they're around 500 yen -- or $US4 ($5) -- each, they're most likely to a very similar scale that Lego's own minifigures are.

Bandai Desperately Wants You to Think These Dragonball Z Figures Are Lego

It's impossible to tell if their feet let them get secured onto building blocks, but given just how insanely close to Lego minifigures these guys are, it wouldn't be surprising if you could just pop them into a Lego set and be none the wiser, outside of the exaggerated and simplified faces.

Maybe not so surprising, given the popularity of cheap, blind-bagged toys that's swept the world, but it's kind of amazing to see something like this from Bandai, just for the sheer comparison to Lego. The Dragonball Z figmes will hit Japan in March 2016.

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    I wonder if the hair can detach on these. Then I could make Krillin a Super Saiyan.

    Not as good as what I already have.

      Lol yeah I was just looking at my ones from eBay which are much better.

    Someone who uses Lego a lot will always be able to tell the difference.
    For example the orange used as the base plastic colour on the legs is dull, and the edges of the legs are rounded and soft, where as on Lego models it is a sharp 90 degree bend.
    Even so, gosh that's close enough for Lego to take notice...

    There are no current patents existing on Lego and their building systems. Now there are countless toy manufacturers building compatible building blocks and figures. There is nothing unique or controversial about this story in anyway shape or form.

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