Are 10,000 Character Tweets On The Way?

In August last year Twitter expanded the character limit for direct messaging from 140 to 10,000 characters, with the message "Speak your mind. All of it."

Today there are reports that tweets themselves may be getting the same treatment. What could you say in a 10,000 character tweet? A lot. This whole story, even.

1000 Words /

All 10,000 characters won't appear as a wall of text, according to Re/Code sources. A regular tweet format, with a call to action to "see more" is being tested.

When reached out to for further information, a representative for Twitter told Gizmodo "We aren't commenting on the reports this morning."

Referred to as "Beyond 140" by those in the know, sources say the rollout is expected to happen at the end of Q1, but this — like everything planned for this change — isn't definite.

The 140 character limit is a key part of Twitter, forcing users craft updates in a way that is unique to the platform.

Time will tell how the limit expansion will change how we all use Twitter.

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