Android Experiment Lets You Install Apps Directly From A Google Search

Android Experiment Lets You Install Apps Directly From a Google Search

Heading to the Play Store is such a pain in the arse sometimes. That might be why Google is experimenting with a new feature that lets you install apps directly from a quick Google search instead. Android Police reports that Google is rolling out a feature to some users that provides the option to install software from the search results provided by its Google app (but not Chrome, at least not just yet). Like in the Play Store, you get a little pop-up permissions window and install button, giving you at least a moment to consider.

Google's provided links to the Play Store in search results for a while now, but this new approach removes a lot of the friction associated with app downloads. It's not clear if it will become a permanent feature, but life would be easier if it were.

[Android Police via Verge]

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