43 Questions We Desperately Want Answered After Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When we first walked out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we had questions: 33 of them, to be exact. But after seeing the movie several more times, our questions have only multiplied. Here are 43 burning questions that are going to drive us nuts until Episode VIII comes out.

Some of these questions actually have answers, while others remain a mystery. But even with the latter, we’ll do our best to provide a theory or two.


Who are Rey’s parents?

Almost everything about Rey is purposefully left a mystery. The film strongly hints that she’s related to one of our main characters—but since we get very little indication from Leia, most people think she’s related to Luke. That’s bolstered by the fact when Kylo Ren reads her mind, he sees an island with water. This is a huge clue. Is he seeing Rey’s future, from the end of the film, or her past, when she was with Luke before?

What is Rey’s background?

Again, unclear. We just know she’s very strong with the Force. In a flashback, we see young Rey being placed on Jakku by someone with a sinister voice. And it’s possible she’s on Jakku for safe-keeping, kind of like Luke was at the beginning of A New Hope. One theory is she was one of Luke’s students, daughter or not, who was lucky enough to get away before Kylo Ren killed everyone. She’s there as another new hope.

Why does Luke’s saber call to Rey?

Because she’s his daughter? Certainly possible. We used to think lightsabers were just inanimate objects, but the Star Wars cartoons have revealed that the crystals inside of them are much more than that. Still we’ve never seen anything like this happen, and it seems like a question that’ll be answered later. Maybe it’s a result of something Luke did to her before she was put on Jakku. If, in fact, they’ve ever met before.

Why did Ben Solo become Kylo Ren?

We know that Ben Solo, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, was one of Luke Skywalker’s pupils until Supreme Leader Snoke turned him to the dark side and he murdered his fellow students. But why? What did Snoke say to him? Why was Ben so untrusting of Luke, his parents and the light side? These questions will almost certainly become the crux of the next few movies.

What the hell is up with Supreme Leader Snoke? How did he come to power, what are his powers and how big is he?

The Force Awakens only shows Snoke as the leader of The First Order. We don’t know how that happened. We just know that it did. We also don’t know what his powers are, except that he’s strong with the Force and was able to manipulate Kylo Ren and the rest of the First Order. But we don’t know where he came from, what he is, whether he’s a Sith, how he learned the Force, any of that. We don’t even know how big the character actually is. The hologram Hux and Kylo see is obviously incredibly large, but so was the hologram of the Emperor the first time we saw him. Odds are there is something weird with his size, simply because Andy Serkis said the character was impossible to do as a practical effect.

For more Snoke, we turn to his Star Wars Database entry that says “The Supreme Leader of the First Order, the mysterious Snoke has no permanent base of operations, preferring to contact his underlings from a mobile command post. Snoke is powerful with the dark side of the Force, and seduced Kylo Ren into abandoning the Jedi path to become his apprentice. But Snoke also commands General Hux and the technological war machine the First Order has engineered to destroy the New Republic and Leia Organa’s Resistance.”

Who is Finn?

We know Finn was raised from birth to be a Stormtrooper: FN-2187, to be precise. But beyond that, his lineage is incredibly mysterious. Will he have some famous parentage? Will we learn more about his stormtrooper friend who dies on Jakku? Or will he just remain that one stormtrooper who stood up for what is right? Episodes VIII and IX will almost certainly let us know.

Who is Lor San Tekka?

He’s the character, played by Max Von Sydow, who gets killed by Kylo Ren at the beginning of the film. What we know is Leia trusts him, he knows who Kylo Ren really is, and Kylo Ren knows him. He’s also, somehow, found a piece to Luke’s map. That’s not a lot, but he’s definitely important.

Read what the Star Wars database says: “A legendary traveler and explorer, Lor San Tekka is a longtime ally of the New Republic and the Resistance. After the Battle of Endor, San Tekka helped Luke Skywalker recover secret Jedi lore that the Empire had tried to erase, and Leia Organa hopes the old scout can now help find her brother. Following decades of adventure, San Tekka retired to live simply on Jakku, where he follows the dictates of the once-forbidden Church of the Force.” Can you say, Rogue One?

How will Kylo Ren complete his training?

At the end of the film, Snoke says he needs Kylo Ren to complete his training. Wouldn’t the murder of his father have done that? That seemed like Kylo’s way of ending once and for all his struggle between the light and the dark sides. Not to mention, defeat of one’s father is how Luke finished his training. However, if there’s still more, it seems like Snoke has some really evil stuff in store.

What is the Resistance in regards to the New Republic?

The movie tip toes around this point but here’s what we know. The First Order is rising to power. The New Republic, established after Return of the Jedi, doesn’t want to really acknowledge this. But—because of her personal stake in it—they’ve secretly backed the former princess, now General Leia, to form a small band, The Resistance, to battle the First Order.

What has Luke been doing while he’s been missing?

We’ll surely find out the answer to this question once we see Star Wars Episode VIII, but odds are he’s been meditating, becoming stronger with the Force, and maybe talking with Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin, who were last seen as ghosts alongside him. He was definitely waiting for the right time to reveal himself and the death of Han, coupled with the force awakening with Rey, seems to be the right time.

Did Luke Skywalker activate R2-D2?

You’d like to think that, but no. R2 has reportedly been on low power since Luke went missing and then, seemingly out of nowhere at the end of the movie, he turns on. The timing feels incredibly coincidental, unless Luke did it when he felt Han’s death and or Rey using the force. But according to J.J. Abrams, that’s not the case. In fact, it was BB-8’s presence with the missing piece of the map that woke him up. R2 is just old and it took a while for him to power back up after BB-8 made contact.

If Luke Skywalker didn’t want to be found, why did he leave a map? Or did he?

We know that Luke Skywalker vanished after Kylo Ren killed his students. But, for some reason, there’s a map to his location. That seems odd for someone who doesn’t want to be found, at least not by the wrong people. If Luke left the map himself, he obviously wanted to be found at some point. Then there’s the flip side. If he didn’t leave the map, where did it come from? And on a purely logistical level, why does the map have like 15 different points on it? According to screenwriter Michael Arndt (from that same interview), the map shows the locations of all the Jedi Temples, and R2-D2 had gotten most of it from accessing the computer on board the Death Star decades ago, which leads us to...

How did the First Order end up with pieces of the map?

Kylo Ren says the First Order has most of it from the Empire archives, which lines up with R2-D2 having it in his memory too. However, the Empire is gone, replaced by the growing First Order. So either Ren is lying, Luke was lazy, or the Empire was hunting Luke long before Ben Solo turned into Kylo Ren, the event that sent Luke off the grid.

Did the First Order destroy Coruscant?

Here’s one we can answer for certain. No. Though the planet we see destroyed looks very much like Coruscant, the film specifically mentions the Hosnian system. That’s the the seat of the New Republic Senate, which apparently moved from Chandrila, where the New Republic was first founded post-Return of the Jedi. Why it wasn’t in the hub of the galaxy, we don’t know. But we do know the Senate is no more.

Who is Rey waiting for on Jakku?

“My family,” whom she think she sees fly away in the flashback. But since we’ve established we don’t know who her family is, it seems likely that maybe her family are other Jedi. Or people that she thinks are family, who were employed by the Jedi. Like everything about Rey, this is a mystery. However it does seem, by the end of the film, someone was certainly waiting for her. Or at least expecting her.

Why did Poe Dameron leave Jakku?

Poe Dameron had one mission—get the map to Luke Skywalker. He’s forced to abandon that mission when the First Order arrives on Jakku and he’s captured. Later Finn breaks him out and Poe ends up back on Jakku where the map still is, along with his droid BB-8. But after survivng the crash, instead of going after BB-8, he tells Finn he just left. Poe had no reason to think Finn would complete his mission for him, so why did he leave? We don’t know. Maybe Poe was brainwashed—and later, we’ll see him turn?

How can Rey use the Force if she’s never been trained?

It takes Luke Skywalker a while to start to begin to use the Force, let alone Jedi Mind Trick someone. But Rey does it, basically, in her first few days. That seems odd unless you consider two things. Either the Force is stronger now, after having been kind of dormant for a while (see “How strong is Kylo Ren with the Force?”) or she had some previous training.

Where was Constable Zuvio?

Here’s a fun one. If you have shopped for Star Wars toys, you probably saw this creepy alien on shelves. He was even released as an official still from the movie. However, he’s not in the movie. Some people think he’s glimpsed in Rey’s flashback, but that’s not him. Apparently, he was on set as Rey and Finn are running through the market place on Jakku, but you can’t see him there either. Turns out, the action figure was simply made too early for the final cut.

Where exactly is Luke?

In the film, Han says the last he heard, Luke went off to find the very first Jedi Temple. So, is that where he is at the end of the movie? Or is it just some kind of random island? We know it was filmed on Skellig Michael in Ireland and that Rian Johnson returned there to shoot some footage for Episode VIII. Seems like we’ll get this answer, and more, in 2017.

Why doesn’t Leia try to save Kylo Ren herself?

Sons almost always have a deeper connection with their mothers. So why doesn’t Leia, a military general, go after her son instead of sending his father, whom Kylo clearly has such a disdain for? We don’t know. The answer might be as simple as Han Solo needed to die in this movie, and Leia can come back for another one.

Why is Rey so good at fixing machines?

We don’t know for sure, but it’s probably because she was forced to fend for herself on a small, desolate planet for so many years. She’s been working as a scavenger, pulling parts out of dead starships, and maybe she’s picked up some know-how along the way. Plus, don’t forget two other characters were great at fixing things as kids growing up on sparsely populated desert planets: Luke and Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi-stars of the last two trilogies. It’s in her DNA, if not literally then in a film sense.

What are the Knights of Ren?

We heard the phrase “The Knights of Ren” months before The Force Awakens was released. However, in the movie, we get one brief glimpse of them, which you see above, and Snoke calls Kylo their master. Who are these mysterious evil characters and where are they? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

How strong is Kylo Ren with the Force?

We see Kylo Ren do some amazing things with the Force in this film, including freezing a blaster shot in mid air. He can also extract information from people’s minds, which even Darth Vader couldn’t do. (It would’ve made A New Hope a very different movie, wouldn’t it?) So either Snoke has taught Kylo stuff that’s far different than the past or, because there are so few people using the Force now, it’s that much stronger. Basically, we don’t know the answer, but it’s something to think about.

Why are the guys from The Raid in The Force Awakens, but don’t throw a punch?

When Finn and Rey meet Han Solo and Chewie, Han’s ship is boarded by two different groups of pirates. One of the groups, the Kanjiklub, is lead by Tasu Leech, played by Yayan Ruhian alongside Razoo Quin-Fee, played by Iko Uwais. Those names may not sound familiar, but they’re the stars and fight coordinators from the insane Indonesian action films, The Raid and The Raid 2. Their casting in the film, but lack of actual action scene for them to participate in, suggest Abrams cut this entire scene down for pacing issues.

Who could want the rathtars Han Solo is transporting?

When we first meet Han Solo in the film, he’s transporting these huge, gross, octopus mouth things called rathtars to someone named King Prana. Is there actually someone so evil they’d want this vile creatures? Could he be this trilogy’s Jabba the Hutt?

How did Maz Kanata get hold of Luke’s lightsaber?

Maz says this is a story for another time, which means maybe we’ll eventually get an answer. But here’s what we know. The saber was last seen on Bespin, after Darth Vader separated it and Luke’s hand. It went down a vent and probably ended up in some junkyard. Did someone go in there specifically looking for it? How could someone even know about it? And what would possess them to give it to Maz? The answer to these question seems like a key piece to the puzzle of the Star Wars universe.

Is Maz Kanata dead?

Though the First Order destroyed her bar when they invaded Takodana, it’s almost certain that this crazy alien who has lived for over 1,000 years is still around.

Why did Phasma give into Finn?

We knew Captain Phasma wasn’t going to have a huge rule in The Force Awakens, and she’ll be back for Episode VIII—but it’s incredibly odd that she simply lets Finn walk in and order her to shut down the shields on Starkiller Base. She’s the boss! A bad-ass! Loyal to the First Order to the end! Plus, Phasma ran an evaluation on him and knows Finn isn’t capable of killing in cold blood, so the reason for her compliance is highly suspect.

How is Phasma actually alive?

After Phasma gives up her entire fleet at the drop of a hat, Han, Chewie and Finn supposedly put her in a garbage chute to a trash compactor. (Get it? Like from the first movie!) And then the entire planet is blown up soon after. Assuming that’s true, and that she’s in Episode VIII, there’s got to be a story of how she gets out.

What does BB-8 say to Rey at the end of the film?

One of the final two lines of dialogue from the film, aside from “May the Force be with you,” comes from BB-8. He rattles off something to Rey, she nods, and heads off in the Falcon to see Luke. Though it may have been some simple send off, it’s odd that it’s in there at all, especially after the only use of the most iconic line in the entire franchise. That, along with Rey’s stern look, suggest it’s important.

Was that Obi-Wan Kenobi you heard at the end of Rey’s flashback?

Yes, from both actors who played the role. J.J. Abrams has confirmed that both Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness provided their voices for Rey’s flashback scene. Guinness’ voice was posthumously take from a syllable in the word “Afraid” to say “Rey.” Oh, and Frank Oz is in there as Yoda too.

What does The Force Awakens mean?

Most Star Wars titles are never ultra literal and The Force Awakens bolsters that statement. It most likely refers both to Rey’s discovery of her powers as well as Kylo embracing his.

What’s next for everyone?

Will Rey train with Luke to become a Jedi? How will Finn fit into the Resistance? Does Leia have what it takes to take down her son? And will Luke join back into the fight? The questions never stop. Thankfully, we have Star Wars Episode VIII coming in just 17 short months.

And ten more

When did Kylo Ren go bad?

Though the film never explicitly says it, it is safe to assume Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren, is the apprentice that destroyed Luke’s Jedi school. However, a few pieces don’t add up as easily. Leia says she sent Ben to train with Luke. She also says she lost him when she sent him away. Are those two events the same one? Also, in Rey’s flashback we see Kylo with the Knights of Ren killing a bunch of people. If those murder victims are Luke’s students, did Ben reject Luke, become a Knight of Ren and come back with his posse? It’s not exactly clear.

How long has it actually been since Han and Leia last saw each other?

This kind of goes with the last one. We know it was Ben turning to the dark side that drove Han and Leia apart. Leia formed the Resistance and Han started smuggling again. What we don’t know is exactly how long this has been. 5 years? 10 years? It can’t be too long ago, because Ben had to be old enough to make such a rash decision. Speaking of which...

How old are the new characters?

This is a seemingly simple question, but it helps fill in a few of the potential gaps when it comes to some others. According to the Creative Executive of the Lucasfilm Story Group, Pablo Hidalgo, Rey is 19 and Kylo Ren is about 30. That means he was born right after Return of the Jedi, Rey about a decade later.

Does it makes sense for Leia and Rey to hug at the end of the movie?

Once everyone gets back to the Resistance base after the destruction of Starkiller, Leia slowly walks up and hugs Rey. It’s a sweet moment, until you kind of dissect it. They’ve never met. They’ve never seen photos of each other. Leia has heard of Rey but we don’t know if the reverse is true. Plus Chewie, Han’s best friend, is right there. Leia and Rey both have the power of the Force so maybe that subconsciously draws them together, not to mention Rey is the only person who stands back and acts sad. But it feels a bit odd, because the film surely implies these are two important figures commiserating the loss of Han Solo. So can Leia sense who Rey is, or how she feels about Solo? There seems to be a missing piece to this simple gesture. On the other hand, Leia might just be doing her duties as a leader—hugging a subordinate who needs consoling.

Who drags Rey away in the flashback?

Rey’s flashback scene is such a huge moment in The Force Awakens. And arguably the most interesting part is when we see a young Rey being dragged away, watching the ship that left her there leave. A hand is dragging Rey and though we don’t see this person’s face, we hear their voice. And I’m pretty sure it’s Unkar Plutt, the same alien who Rey has to sell scrap metal to for food. The same alien who somehow owns the Millennium Falcon.

If that’s the case—and we don’t know for sure but it looks and sounds like it—this raises some huge questions. Was Plutt paid to take Rey? We see him treat her very coldly some 15 or so years later. Is there a story behind that, or has it always been that way? Also, did he really get the Falcon through the people Rey said, or was it part of his compensation?

Is there more to Kylo Ren owning Darth Vader’s helmet?

We know Kylo Ren has Darth Vader’s helmet, which we last saw burning to a crisp on Endor. We also know he idolizes his grandfather. So did Ren actually go to Endor himself to get the helmet? The Visual Dictionary tells us it was “scavenged from a funeral pyre on Endor,” but it doesn’t say by whom. We also know there are groups out there trading in Sith goods (as seen in Aftermath). What’s the connective tissue here, if any? And are the ashes Ren places his own helmet in from the same place? There just feels like there’s more here.

Why did Rey and Finn change jackets on Starkiller Base?

When Finn arrives on Starkiller Base, he’s wearing Poe’s leather jacket. Later, when he and Rey run to open the doors for Han and Chewie, Rey is wearing it. A few scenes later, watching the Han and Kylo showdown happen, Finn puts the jacket back on. There’s obviously a story here—and from what we can discern from multiple reports, J.J. Abrams cut out a big bike chase sequence here which would’ve included the footage showing why Finn gave Rey the jacket, and vice versa.

So what’s going on with the governing powers in this universe?

We touched upon this a bit in “What is the Resistance in regards to the New Republic?” but there’s still more. When the Rebels won at Endor, they established the New Republic and the Empire continued without a leader. Eventually, after the Battle of Jakku, the Empire gave up and signed a peace treaty, all but ending its reign. The unhappy people from the Empire then began to form what would become the First Order. But it wasn’t until Ben Solo betrayed Luke Skywalker that Leia Organa began to see them as a threat. She formed the Resistance but the New Republic would only back them in secret, presumably not to scare everyone else in the New Republic. And that was all well and good until, as we saw in the movie, the Republic was likely wiped out by Starkiller Base. Without a governing body, who knows what could happen for both the First Order and the Resistance? Maybe The Empire will strike back.

How can Finn and Rey physically compete with Kylo Ren?

This has become one of the most popular questions since the release of the movie. Many believe in the final snow battle Kylo Ren, someone well-versed in the Force, would have destroyed Finn and Rey, two fighters who are seemingly well below his skill level. That may be true but there are several things to consider.

First, Ren was injured. Chewbacca shot him in the side with his powerful Bowcaster. Plus, as the fight goes on, he gets more and more injured. So, by the time he’s facing Rey, he’s got multiple injuries. Second, both Rey and Finn are good fighters. Finn was raised as a stormtrooper where combat was certainly in his wheelhouse, and we’ve seen how great Rey is with her staff. It’s not a leap to think either of them, against an injured Kylo, can hold their own for at least a bit. Even so, Finn is defeated and Rey spends a portion of their fight running away, only winning when she finally uses the Force.

Third, just how good of a fighter is Kylo Ren really? We don’t see him use his lightsaber to great effect throughout the movie. In fact, what we do know of him and his saber is that he’s mostly incomplete. He’s not fully trained, his saber is piecemeal, he’s great with the Force—but with a blade? We don’t actually know. Maybe he’s not as skilled as everyone assumes.

Is that a grave by Luke at the end of the movie?

When Rey finally finds Luke Skywalker on his deserted island, he’s standing by what some fans have speculated is a gravestone. Now, that’s certainly possible, but after seeing the film multiple times, it really does look a little too skinny to be a headstone. Odds are, it’s just a rock that happened to be placed there.

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders, James Whitbrook, Cheryl Eddy, Rob Bricken and Katharine Trendacosta.

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    If being a Jedi is inherited, where are the others from Yoda's lineage?

      i vaguely remember reading that Yoda was the last of his kind, but a quick google brought up Yaddle as another member of his species, and that they are highly secretive both in the movie universe and in our universe. Lucas has flat out refused to disclose even the name of Yoda's species, or anything to do with the origin of them, even when asked, stating that he is the child of miss piggy and kermit.

        There's another - Vandar Tokare - from the Old Republic.

          my extended universe knowledge is very limited, thanks for this tidbit, i feel as though the rarity of his species adds to the mystical property of Yoda.

            the EU is very consistent and, at least right now, there's no reason to disregard anything from the old republic EU as non-canon; even though it's branded Legends now, it does not contradict anything set up by the movie continuum and vice versa.

            the new jedi order made for decent reading, but reading through it now feels pointless cause disney retcon (even though the Vong war ends about 30 years after Return.. which would put Force Awakens after it with some minor retcons such as the Solo children.. >.>)

            Which created a little bit of silliness, because now Darth Bane is "official" canon; simply because of a single voiced line he received in the Clone Wars cartoon, whereas other characters with arguably greater influence and stories such as Nihilus, Revan, Surik etc are relegated to official non-canon (Legends).

            Last edited 31/12/15 1:22 pm

      Being force sensitive is hereditary but not only hereditary. While Jedi are not forbidden from having sex, having children is a big no-no because it causes attachment. And in the words of master yoda "attachment leads to fear of loss which leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"

        There are exceptions - Ki Adi Mundi was married with kids.

        the comics and EU absolutely ruined that whole 'jedi have no attachments thing' sadly. the new jedi order isn't as much of a bother with that as it is with the old republic, though. :/ it's really jarring to hear stuff about the jedi code over and over and oh look here's ki adi mundi with children and nomi sunrider and the qel dromas and the draays and about a million others.

        Last edited 31/12/15 10:43 am

        There are some things to consider with regards to this... firstly whether any previously expanded on story can be called canon (which I doubt with Disney doin' what they do) and whether Luke Skywalker was a true Jedi.

        By this I mean that Luke was versed at least in part with both Dark and Lightside Force skills (the choke on the Pig guys in Return of the Jedi was done way too effortlessly for someone who had not used it before) Maybe Luke's version of Jedi is different to say the Republics version. Certainly Luke had no time to learn the history of the Jedi, focusing entirely on his skills while with Yoda, and that time was insanely short.

        To this end, maybe Luke saw the laws of the previous order (if he even knew them) as a reason to why the old order failed... It was just too inflexible.

          I have a feeling that this is all leading to fulfillment of the prophecy that Anakin would bring the force into balance.

          Something always bothered be with the way things have been. First, there are way more Jedi than Sith. "Always 2 there are with the sith, never less never more", yet we have dozens of Jedi. That is not balance.

          Killing off all the Jedi, to make the numbers even, is not balance either.

          I suspect that Anakin started the process to bring balance to the force.

          Something I read about Snoke. He chose Ben Solo because he sensed in him both light and dark, which if all jedi and sith were the same, would, by definition bring the force into balance.

          Therefor, the actions taken by Anakin and Palpatine, in killing most of the Jedi, started the process of bringing the force into balance.

            I always figured Anakin brought balance at the end of RotJ. He destroyed the Emperor and at the same time redeemed himself. This makes sense when you factor that Luke wasn't really a Jedi and used both Light and Dark side powers.
            There was no more Jedi Academy or Empire so any light and dark side force users would have be organised and scattered.

            One thing I found funny which you brought up is that the Jedi believed Anakin would be balance to the force... how come they were short sighted enough not to see the Jedi were the majority as you brought up? Infact Yoda only vaguely hints that he is worried the prophecy is read wrong.

            The rule of two was something that was only brought in with the expanded stories (as far as I know). It is strange because the Emperor actively tried to recruit Luke while Vader was still alive. To this end I do not think Lucas intended there to be a rule of 2 at all. I think that the Emperor did not care if Luke killed Vader or not, but would have been happy if he did.

            I am by no means an expert, just tend to be a thinker when it comes to inconsistencies in movies in general, so I admit I do not know a whole lot about the expanded universe stuff.

          I've been thinking this anakin turned to the dark side in the third movie so quick just cuz he couldn't be a master wouldn't Luke have a bit of temptation to go evil cuz it's in his blood or was like more powerful than anakin in willpower and light side??

    Why is C3PO's arm red? And why is Kylo's lightsaber unstable?

    Last edited 29/12/15 2:55 pm

      I was thinking the same thing about Kylo's saber and put it down to the idea that the craft of sabers is lost to time, so he's managed to macgyver his own kind of lightsaber without the guidance of a Jedi. Or his idea of having 3 individual beams means that his designs out of whack and the crystal isn't sourcing enough power to match the design .

        Yeah I have the same thought, it just would have been nice for them to mention it in the movie. I hope it gets explained in the extended universe.

        Lightsabers use a Kyber crystal as a power source. Kylo's lightsaber has a cracked crystal, which makes it unstable. This instability necessitates the use of the cross-guard vents to get rid of excess energy safely, while also having the nice side effect of being, well, cross-guards. This cracked crystal is also what causes the 'ragged' looking blade, compared to the smooth blades of other lightsabers.

        Source: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections book and the Star Wars wikia.

          Also, anyone who's looked very hard at the crossguard will see that it actually starts as metal, so the accusations leveled against it about chopping your own fingers off when used for-purpose would seem to be incorrect. (Still not great if pushed against your OWN chest, though.)

          Last edited 05/01/16 2:13 pm

        Look at the way the saber's energy 'waves,' much like some of the lightsaber crystals in Force Unleashed - which leads me to believe that the lightsaber is 'overcharged' (I forget the exact word of it), causing the waving to occur in the blade's beam; the two extra 'blades' appear to be more of a vent, especially in the way it tapers off toward the end, like the backfire from a turbo (http://s3.birthmoviesdeath.com/images/made/ewsw2ren_1200_1600_81_s.jpg - most evident in film as opposed to static images, obvs)

        there are many different kinds of crystals used to power a lightsaber, and i would imagine kylo's just using one of the unstable kinds (they're more powerful, but .. unstable)

        Last edited 31/12/15 10:35 am

          And maybe the crystal is cracked because it was originally Darth Vader's and was damaged in Return of the Jedi

      I assumed it was because he is neither jedi nor sith, so his use of the force (and lightsaber) are rough and unpolished.

        Except that wasn't a problem for Finn, who is a complete nobody.

          This is one of the many things that annoyed me. Suddenly some guy who couldn't stomach being a storm trooper is an expert swordsman able to match it with grandson of Vader?

            He didn't kill Finn because he hasn't turned. He is somewhere in between. When he's praying to Vader's helmet he says “Forgive me. I feel it again… the call from light,”.

            Actually it makes sense, they're brain washed and purposely trained as Storm Troopers, surely most of their life up until then is spent learning to fight and would undoubtedly involve the use of a variety of weapon types, perhaps including Blades as well?

      Apparently the red arm question gets answered in one of the new comics.

    This is the sad result of having an addiction. These Star Wars plots are just so repetitive: good guy turns evil, another good guy is mysterious and the projected saviour, mentor trains the good guy, small rebel forces overcome the evil power, blah, blah, blah. Seriously!

      You're a sad result of having an addiction.

      Edit: Sorry...just erks me when someone says a story is repetitive...all movies are repetitive at the core. Good guy sucks, bad guy is better. Good guy gets gud and defeats bad guy...it's the way it's told that makes it good.

      Last edited 30/12/15 4:58 pm

    Star Wars was one of the best films I watched this year and I had almost the same questions as mentioned in this movie. Can't wait to see the next 2 parts (if that's what they have planned) and see how the entire saga unfolds!

      Seriously? So you didn't see Kingsmen or American Sniper or Fury Road or Spectre or Ant Man or Ex Machina or Sicario? Hell, even Age of Ultron was better than this. I thought it was probably the worst movie I've seen this year. Maybe you need to be more selective.

        I thought Star Wars was a lot better than Age of Ultron and incomparable to Ex Machina. Let's not pretend your personal opinion is any more valid than anyone else's with arrogance like that last sentence.

        Lol I have watched all of these movies and to be honest, Star Wars was much better than Kingsmen and American Sniper. Although I am a huge comic book fan but Star Wars was much better than Age of Ultron. If I had to pick my personal favorite movie of 2015, I would go with Jurassic World!

          Better how? I watched Kingsman again last night on Blu-Ray and it is a much better film in every way. Like The Force Awakens, it is paying homage to an established trope but it has a much better script with real character development, the fight scenes are so much better choreographed and shot and it's funny on purpose, not by dint of it being so awkward. More importantly, the action actually matters to the central plot, it's not just there because viewers expect it to be.

          In that latter regard, The Force Awakens is a lot more like Spectre - both films feel like they are ticking off items from a list of things the viewing public expect of their franchise, rather than trying to make a great film. Again, however, Spectre does a better job by having a better script and being better made. e.g. There is nothing in Ep VII that comes close to the first 10 minutes of Spectre in terms of spectacle and edge of your seat excitement, which are exactly what a Star Wars film is supposed to be about, isn't it?

    1 Question We Desperately Want Answered After Reading Gizmodo's Star Wars The Force Awakens' "33 Questions We Desperately Want Answered After Star Wars The Force Awakens" Article...

    "Sons almost always have a deeper connection with their mothers"


        One fictional literary example hardly addresses the "almost always" part of the question.


      Because Sigmund Freud. There doesn't seem to be a lot of psychology study put into this since; the most I can find is https://books.google.com.au/books?id=gzmWQHXn800C&pg=PA147&lpg=PA147&dq=why+are+boys+more+attached+to+their+mother&source=bl&ots=AxxOrb6xIl&sig=aYC95pnbJr84mezpzbPIsp1rqBM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwii3bbr5YTKAhWDGqYKHQFODwE4ChDoAQhJMAc#v=onepage&q=why%20are%20boys%20more%20attached%20to%20their%20mother&f=false

      Link is huge, put it into a spoiler; it suggests the opposite, that boys are less connected to their mothers during development than girls.

    I enjoyed the movie and could tell it had a lot of intriguing aspects to it which seems to be the J.J Abram influence on the writing. I just worry that could make it hard for the other directors to wrap up. Hopefully they keep Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan closely involved so the story doesn't end up a mess.

    Why was the story exactly the same as the first two movies?

      Most likely to make people feel safe, that it's not going to be a sudden change of pace like Episode 1 was. From epic battles to political negotiations.

      Keep things safe, let people feel secure, then start stretching things in new directions.

        I'd argue that if anything, the battles were much more epic in the prequels (maybe it's just me, but the original trilogy lightsaber duels just feel a little stilted in comparison).

    I think as we've learnt from the prequel trilogy, it's not always such a good thing if the film explains everything. Sometimes things need to be left unaswered to create a little mystery... otherwise we get midichlorins.
    I've only read the book so far but with some of the questions raised:
    How will Kylo Ren complete his training?
    Killing Han did not give Ren the closure he was looking for and actually created more doubts in his mind.

    How can Rey use the Force if she’s never been trained?
    she seemed to pick it up intuitively after discovering that she could turn things around and read Ren's mind when being interrogated.

    Why doesn’t Leia try to save Kylo Ren herself?
    because as i understand, Harrsion Ford stipulated that Han must die as one of his conditions for reprising his role. But on a more canonical note, she'd be much too important a leader to risk, particularly considering she wasn't allowed to go on the mission to get Skywalker's location.

    Who are Rey’s parents?
    Personally I like the theory that she's the descendant of Palpatine. Or Qui Gon Jin.

    Why did Phasma give into Finn?
    I believe having a wookie playing bad cop can be quite persuasive

    How did the First Order end up with pieces of the map?
    Or the original empire was trying to hunt down any remaining jedi by searching out for the temples.

    My question to add amongst all the speculation - will the series take a Twilight-esque turn with Team Fin vs Team Ren?

    Last edited 30/12/15 7:56 am

      besides the jesus analogy, what do people have wrong with midichlorians? the force is a huge, supernatural thing that influences everything, why would it not be able to create life? is it really such a horrible abomination for Lucas to try and explain how the magic in his Space Fantasy series works?

      Last edited 31/12/15 1:29 pm

        This I think explains it quite well: http://io9.gizmodo.com/5478314/the-real-problem-with-midichlorians
        I don't really get all that bilious about the prequels (hey at least the lightsaber duels were better) but I found midichlorians to serve no purpose except to act as a plot device to get Qui Gon to notice Anakin (and even that could have been arguably done better by say, Anakin putting on a tremendous display of force usage)

          None of that really addresses anything, though;

          "Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.... A Jedi can feel the force flowing through him."

          This is basically Godditit. Oh okay then. That is not an explanation of the Force. What is this energy field? Where does it come from? What living things? How? These are the kinds of things that a lot of fans yearned for answers. Casual viewers? Probably not. Movie-only fans? Definitely not. Those who immersed themselves in the entire universe, from the canon, to non-canon, to semi-canon, and back to non-canon novels, comics, movies? Absolutely.

          "Star Wars never made "What is the Force?" into a central mystery."

          Except that it did, whether by accident or design, it did; the OT mentions the force over and over and over and over and over about how mysterious and powerful it is to the point where the viewer is left asking, "What is the Force?" "Oh ... Goddidit. Ok."

          "You can build a whole architecture on top of "an energy field that connects all living beings," and the original trilogy did, quite well. But you can't build on top of "microscopic critters in the blood.""

          Wtf. Why not? Again, opinion. Another life form that has (I guess you could consider it to be) 'ultimate' control of the force is way more interesting (and opens up the world on an entirely new level - the microbiology of the SW universe) than "INVISIBLE ENERGY THAT GOD MADE LOL"

          Lucas clearly acknowledged that was incredibly lazy by trying to expound on it some more in Episode I.

          Last edited 06/01/16 3:20 pm

            What is this energy field? Where does it come from? What living things? How? Except the concept of Midichlorians does very little to answer such questions.
            As I understand from perusing wookiepedia, midichlorians are not in themselves the source of the force; rather it is the conduit of the force. "Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force. When you learn to quiet your mind, you'll hear them speaking to you."
            So with midichlorians we're still no closer to understanding the force. Now we just have an extra layer of largely unnecessary exposition. Maybe it explains why certain individuals are force sensitive but largely raises more questions than it answers.

      When I walked out of the movie, my theory was Ren was actually Rey's father. When they state the age difference between Ren (30ish) and Rey (19ish) it would seem to disprove that, but I've got to question the ages.

      Wasn't Ren involved in the massacre? If Rey was there and quite young, meaning it may have been 14-15 years in the past. Wouldn't that make Ren a young teen when he did it? Something like 14-15? Either that or he is actually older than people speculate (maybe mid 30s), in which case he could be old enough to be her father.

      In the flashback of the jedi massacre she appeared to be a very small child. As such you could explain her not recognising her father years later. For that matter father and child may have been separated (or he didn't even know he had a child). It could also serve as part of the explanation for Ren's turning to the Dark Side. He was training with Luke and shagged one of the other students. Luke kicked him out as a result. The child (Rey) was born after Ren was exiled.

      If she is indeed his daughter that would make her Leia and Han's grandchild. Something that would mesh nicely with some of the character interactions (Leia being so motherly towards her and her being a kind of female mini-Han and him liking her so much).

      Of course it still leaves questions, like why didn't Ren recognise her when he mind probed her? Maybe he did, maybe he's not strong enough yet. Why didn't Leia (or Han) mention a grandchild? Maybe they thought the grandchild had died in the Jedi massacre 15 years earlier.

      Be interesting to see what pans out. :)

        I imagine that Luke probably wouldn't have kept all the traditions of prequel jedi council, particularly given how he acknowledges the dark side in him. So he probably wouldn't have tossed Ren out for shagging a fellow padawan.

        Hmm, come to think of it now, I wonder how Luke ran the Jedi academy. After all, jedi training takes on an apprenticeship model 9at least in the padawan stage), presumably because careful attention must be paid to instil enough discipline into the pupil so they don't succumb to the dark side. *Assuming* all those dead bodies are of jedi in the slaughter, there would have been way too many to handle, unless other jedi popped out of the woodwork (or maybe yoda, obi wan and anakin were lecturers?).

        But I think for Ren to be Rey's father, he would have had to have been incredibly young when she was conceived (then again, with his Vader fixation maybe it was yet another thing Ren was trying to emulate). I personally thought he was in his mid 20's when I watched the film. The dark side doesn't exactly do wonders for keeping a youthful appearance.

          You could be right, and if it's actually 30 years between RotJ and FA (like some have said) it'd mean Ren couldn't possibly be old enough.

          I kind of figured the young kids at the academy were all young jedi in training. Mostly, because they were down to pretty much one trained Jedi (Luke) so there'd have been a need to get as many trained as quickly as possible.

          I must admit I'm looking forward to the next movie or two now to clear up more of the events. Much more interested in this trilogy than the prequels.

    hmmmm, questions you have. impatient you are...
    for the truths you seek, let the story be told you must.
    let your mind rest from excitement, and then, and only then
    will the answers you crave, be revealed.
    patience . hrrmmm patience restless ones.

    I thought it clearly hinted that Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter, therefore making Rey and Kylo cousins. Rey is the Skywalker of light and Kylo is the Skywalker of dark (yes, he's a Solo first but obviously a Skywalker too). In a movie filled with coincidences and mirroring, Rey shares too much with Luke to not be his daughter. She can't be just some random kid.

    I have a question - who cares? Seriously, it was a very ordinary film in a franchise that has long been a joke, in much the same way 007 became a joke during the Roger Moore years. If the fans were hoping for the same kind of spectacular rescue Paul Haggis was able to provide Bond, via Casino Royale, I can't see how they haven't all been bitterly disappointed. The Force Awakens is more Cloverfield than Star Trek, I'm afraid.

    At the end of the day, Force awakens is just a retelling of A New Hope.


    Starwars is and will always have a great story line.. After all it's one of a kind.

      No, it isn't. It is a direct lift from E.E. "Doc" Smith's classic Lensman series of novels from the 1940s and '50s. You just have to swap "Lens" for "The Force" and you're done.

    ""33 Questions We Desperately Want Answered After Star Wars: The Force Awakens""

    Don't forget all you have seen is the theatrical release. I have seen movies that when released on Blu-ray in there extended versions have another 20 minutes -/+ added. I dare say this will be the same. They will answer a lot of questions then, promoting the sales of Blu-ray to the fans...

    34: Will we see some freaking Jawas!!!
    I've been wondering what happened to those little guys. Is there a revisit to Tatooine possible?

    I saw it today and thought it was a great movie. Great story and action packed. I came home and read the 33 questions and you know what, I don't care about the answers to any of them. What happened to the days of just enjoying a movie and not over-anylising it.

      Newsflash: Some people enjoy things by over-analyzing.

      Counter-question: Why must everyone enjoy things the way you do?

    Why did Rey and Finn change jackets on Starkiller Base?

    Continuity FUBAR?

    Some of your new questions are actually answered in the force awakens novel. The ashes the helmet are in are vaders ashes. Ben was sent to train with Luke when he was very young and Leia knew he was turning bad long before anyone else but didn't tell Han, which is hinted to being the reason Han left.

    Also there is a mention by Snoke that he SAW Vader fail to kill Luke. Whether that means he saw it using the force.. Or was the only other person in the room at the time.

      Abrams: "The backstory is, that that table has the ashes of the enemies he’s killed. That moment was actually shot for, and meant to be used in, the scene where he was talking to the Vader mask."

      I don't think the novelization says anywhere they are Vader's ashes.

    Didn't anyone see how Solo shot a stormtrooper behind him without looking during the raid on Maz's bar? We all thought that perhaps he has some latent force, therefore, perhaps, didn't die? Also he was just 'stabbed' by the sabre not cut. I think he'll make an appearance again at some point. Btw the movie was close to the original feel - can't say it was great. Eg the plan for the attack on the larger death star took 30 secs and was the same as the old one ;)

    I always got the impression that while Anakin an Luke were powerful in the force, they were incredibly unskilled. Anakin was far too hotheaded and unfocused with an incredibly self interested and most likely unskilled master.

    I want to know, because of Andy Serkis saying there was no way to use a practical effect, if Snoke is actually the size of a microbe, not a giant. What if Snoke is actually (and I am not sure exactly what I think about this notion) a midichlorian... It might explain a few things... And confuse others... oh well...

    Another question:
    "Why did Finn and Han toss Phasma in a trash compactor instead of just humanely shooting her like they shot every other storm-trooper?"

    A) Our so-called 'heroes' are actually psychopathic, sadistic, sick fucks who delight in taking the extra time from vital missions to go on detours to deliver cruel, terrifying, drawn-out torture-deaths over the relative mercy of a shooting death.

    B) Our heroes are too noble to shoot someone in cold blood, so leave a powerful enemy in a position of only almost-certain death, in a trash compactor on an ideally soon-to-be-exploded planet. Presumably using the specious outright fucking idiotic reasoning that it's somehow more morally sound to either give your mortal enemy a slim chance at escaping to kill you and your friends and family later, or let an exploding planet kill them, than it is to shoot them in the face.

    C) Oh, because it's a movie and they needed a call-back to the trash compactor in the first movie because nostalgia heyo!.

    These are all terrible options.

      D. Because he would undoubtedly be thinking back to when he was on the Death Star the first time and almost got killed in a Trash Compactor thusly figuring it would be ironic and it also sets up an excellent story line for her escape and subsequent reappearance in the next movies.

    One thing that I don't get... force sensitivity is hereditary. So where did these "students" (plural) come from that Luke was teaching? Yoda tells us that Luke and Leia are the last, did Luke go on a breeding spree and Kylo essentially killed all Luke's offspring with Rey the only survivor?

    Ive seen it twice now, it really gets to me that Kylo just pops off the mask when Rey asks him to, would have been a much better reveal if he did it when Han told him he didn't need it.

      Force sensitivity is hereditary, but it also springs up in people out of nowhere. Or a slightly Force-sensitive parent might have a highly Force-sensitive child, for example. Remember in the prequels where the Jedi were essentially celibate? They never had to rely on Jedi reproducing to get more Jedi, they just collected Force-sensitive kids from around the universe.

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