10 Impressive Optical Illusion Drawings That Break What You Think Is Real

10 Impressive Optical Illusion Drawings That Break What You Think Is Real

Video: In every one of these side-by-sides from artist Howard Lee (and there are ten of them), one is the real object and the other is just a hyperrealistic drawing. Some of these drawings look so real that it's hard to tell what's art and what's not. It's especially great because after we get fooled, we get to see how the drawings get made. I thought the drawings of the tomato, ice block and matches were especially good.


    I don't see how these are classed as optical illusions. I haven't been able to find "Draw a lifelike picture of something and place a real version of said thing next to it and, voilĂ , you have an optical illusion" listed anywhere on this wikipedia entry.


      Then go back and read the article again and it's definition:
      "The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source"

      The 2D Drawing is done in such as way as to make the brain process it as a 3D objective, thusly giving it perception that does not tally with it's physical measurement.

      These aren't exactly "Sophisticated" but they are illusions designed, designed to make the brain think it's something that it is not.

        Well, considering it didn't work on me...

          Maybe you just need your eye sight checked...or perhaps just need to stop being "That Guy".... you know the one, when everyone else is applauding you decide you have to be far superior to everyone else and sit there with your arms cross loudly declaring "I for one am NOT impressed..."

            Yeah, probably neither of those. Maybe you just need to accept that some people just aren't susceptible to the same things that others are. No need to fire judgments at people just because things are different in their eyes, unless it's something you need to do in order to feel good about yourself. I fully understand if its a requirement of your personality and, if it is, I accept it as well.

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