You Can Save $150 On An Xbox One Today

If you were holding out on grabbing an Xbone, now might be your best shot during the holiday period, as the current-gen console is on sale for $449 on the Microsoft store.

Head over to this link to view the deal, which is the first option of many. It includes the Kinect, but at least after the discount is applied, you're not really paying extra for it against your will anymore. Plus, it comes with five games, so there's some silly fun to be had with Dance Central, before the Kinect becomes solely a troll item for you to say "Xbox off" while your friends are playing.

Killer Instinct and Minecraft come in the bundle, as well as two other games not worth mentioning. There's also Rise of the Tomb Raider to think about, which will be an Xbone exclusive, as well as few very good looking indie games coming up, such as Cuphead and Below.

It's a 24-hour only deal, so if it looks like your cup o', you might want to get cracking.

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