Woolworths’ First Post-Paid Mobile Bundle Includes A Two-Year-Old Samsung

Woolworths’ First Post-Paid Mobile Bundle Includes A Two-Year-Old Samsung

Back in June this year Woolies launched Woolworths Connect, offering budget prepaid mobile plans. Today it has announced that a post-paid plan will be joining the service, although the phone that they’re offering with the plan — the Samsung Galaxy S5 — is close to two years old.

The plan includes the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset with a “generous” 1GB of data on “parts of” Telstra’s 3G network, $1000 call value, unlimited SMS and free calls to other Woolworths phones for $38 per month. Extra data is available at a fairly standard rate of $10 per 1GB, and the plan comes with a hard limit as part of Woolies’ “zero bill shock” promise.

Pre-paid plans are getting an update too, offering 40 per cent more call and data value for recharge packages at the same price. Until February 15, 2016, you can get 5GB of data for $45, or 2.5GB of data for $30.

Undoubtedly Woolworths will be planning on increasing the range of handsets on offer with post paid plans, though opening the service with a two-year-old phone is a questionable move. While the Galaxy S5 is undeniably a neat little phone — it’s what I use right now and it’s served me well for the last year and a half — if I was going to sign up for a 24 month contract right now then I’d definitely be looking for a phone that’s less than a year old.

If you’re after a smartphone plan on a budget and you don’t mind having an older handset then it’s not a bad deal. Check out all the details of the plan on Woolworths’ mobile home page.