What Are The Best Apps For Children?

What Are The Best Apps For Children?

For my son’s upcoming third birthday my wife and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of buying him another enormous T-Rex we bought him an iPad Mini.

So I have a question for iPad owning parents out there — what are some of your favourite iOS apps for children?

We didn’t spend too much. Understanding fully that my son will most likely drop the iPad often we bought a reconditioned iPad Mini 2.

Apps I’m already thinking about picking up: Metamorphabet, one of the best kids apps I’ve ever played or seen. I’m looking for more stuff like that.

Actually — I’m just looking for anything that’s relatively educational, anything that’s decent in terms of production values, or even just the apps that you’ve noticed your children play and engage with most.

Because it’s a wasteland out there people. Apps for kids are usually cheaply made and are dripping in free-to-play micro-transaction hell. I’m willing to pay a few dollars up front for good, premium, useful apps for kids.

I’d love to hear some of your recommendations.