Watch Kelly Slater Surf The Barrel Of The Greatest Man-Made Wave Ever

Kelly Slater, world famous surfer, has been quietly developing an artificial wave creator that surfers can get excited about. Now, he's finally unveiled exactly that — a man-made wave over head height that barrels, and you can watch Slater joyously surf it.

As for when you can surf it yourself, there's less information on that. No one is even sure where this thing is (though a surfing forum thinks it has found it), let alone how much it will cost or whether it'll be open to the public. It sure is a surfer's dream, though.

While Slater has been working on this since 2005, other entrepreneurs have begun the quest for a man-made wave as well. One such person is Greg Webber, who will be double-checking with his lawyers to make sure there's no patent infringement going on.

As Webber told the Australian, “I’m not worried. We have the best design in the world. At best, they (Slater’s team) will be a close second. If they are lucky we will both be the Airbus and Boeing of the wave pool market.”

Skip to about 1:20 for when Slater actually starts surfing the wave. It seems like if they're going to compete on that thing, they'll have to change the rules, because it looks like it goes forever.

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