TVs Explained: How To Choose The Perfect TV Size For Your Lounge Room


    I use the THX guidelines - - They're specifically geared to an immersive experience.

    There is only one rule for buying TV's, bigger is better. End of story

      I have a friend with his couch pretty close to a 60" TV. It's awful.

        I have a 65" 2m away from my lounge, and game probably 1m away. Best.

          haha agreed. I probably dont game that close but yeah 65" from a 2-3m is awesome.

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            I sit on the lounge for most gaming, but pull up my computer chair for a full field of vision experience when playing online FPS.

              might have to try that :-)

              My new place will have a dedicated room with a 115" dlp that I'll be about 3.5-4m from, can't wait for them to finish building.

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        Depends on the content. I also used the THX guidelines, I sit 2.5metres away from a 55inch tv and 1080p content looks fantastic. But viewing 720p and HD TV it is not so good.
        The long story short is bigger is better yes, but what you really need is moveable furniture (like a bean bag), drag it closer for 1080p, further away for 720p.

      Exactly. I've got a 60 inch TV and I sit about 2 metres away and I still want a bigger TV. If what they say is right, then why don't people complain that the screens are too big in cinemas. They don't, so yes, get the biggest TV you can afford .

      The only rule is get a projector. At least until they start making 2.4m wide TVs.

      No smaller is better. Especially if watching embarrassing bodies. I'm happy with my 32 inches. Just use a projector when I want to watch a film.

        Especially if watching embarrassing bodies. I'm happy with my 32 inches.
        I guess we won't be seeing you on Embarrassing Bodies.

        I'm happy with my 32 inches
        No need to show off!

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      Agree totally. It's only money stopping me from buying one the size of my wall. :)

    Hmmm... how to decide... well I can only afford to spend X dollars and the biggest TV model for that amount is Z. Buy Z. Wow, that was hard.

    This video is rubbish. The correct size for your viewing should be determined by pixel size. You should be sitting at a distance where you just cannot see individual pixels.
    There is only one problem with this method and that is the resolution of the video that is being displayed on the TV. There are some awful programmes being shown as well as some excellent technical quality stuuf.
    In Australia we have relegated HD TV to second place for political reasons. We should instead have HD is the first choice of the TV Stations.
    In an ideal world, all channels would be HD. The difference in quality above SD is one of the reasons that Free to Air TV is dying.
    Watching a Blu-ray movie is far superior to SD TV at any time.

      It certainly isn't rubbish because it is talking about viewing angle whereas you are talking resolution.

    Something lacking in this and most lists is INPUT LAG. Most major larger tvs have immense imput lag, and if someone is looking to game as well as watch films this is a make or break variable which could leave you regretting that 3k purchase.

    my 5c

      the amount of times we go through a Mario maker level while watching on the TV at a friend's place is just painful lag induced delayed jumping. Apparently it wasn't a priority when they were purchasing their television ( it was just size...and apparently quality but I would argue the quality isn't that great with the light bleeding issues that they didn't seem to want to do anything about).
      You end up just using the screen on the controller to get any semblance of chance of getting through some of the levels, that little 6 inch screen on the controller... because the experience is just better than looking at the 55 inch television and getting frustrated.

        Is he using gaming mode and turning off all the picture enhancing features? I would suggest trying that, most of the decent brands have this so you can get some decent gaming happening.

    everything should look 65" from anywhere, if you are 5 meters away you need a 325" TV

    32" for bedroom?

      Surely 7 or 8 inches is enough for you in the bedroom? Greedy.

    If you have to move your head around to look at either side of the tv it's too big.

    I have a 60" 4K TV (VIZIO m60) in my living room. It's resolution is 3840 x2360... My couch is only 10' away.

    Contrary to the rules of viewing distances for TV's from the 1960's - 1990's (320x200 to 640x400 resolution), where you were supposed to be sitting 7-10x the diagonal distance of your (about 8'-10' for a 27" TV) - These NEW ULTRA High Definition TV's can be viewed comfortably from less than 5 feet away from the TV Screen.

    Sure, it looks like the TV is gigantic at that distance, but even at 3 feet away you can NOT see the pixels. This beats my old PANASONIC 44" (HDTV) which was comfortable at 6 feet but for company and foot traffic, it was better to have the sofa 10' -11' away.

    Sitting this close to a new UHD TV may be shocking to some, but it is recommended even by the TV manufacturers and engineers in Home Theater. Now, with this new technology (UHD), the TV is crystal clear at even 1 foot away and just close enough to start seeing the "pixels". So Sitting 5 feet away may seem drastic but it's perfectly do-able! AND you'll Feel like your IN the TV! - This is GREAT for Sci-fi shows, but even my wife seems to enjoy being immersed by the super sharp, quality picture these new TV's afford... and they don't have the eyes, like a 1950's TV would.

    Sorry... that last line was supposed to say "they don't HARM your eyes, like a 1950's TV would"

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