This Timeline Shows The Entire History, And Potential Future, Of The Universe

This Timeline Shows the Entire History — and Potential Future — of the Universe

It can be hard to get your head around the long and complex history of the Universe. But this new timeline by Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic does a wonderful job of describing the last 13.8 billion years of space — and what might happen in the next 10 billion, too.

Vargic has crammed a lot into this long, scrollable timeline, "from the Big Bang to the heat death of the universe". Its scale does a nice job of putting our brief time on the planet into perspective, and is so crammed full of facts that even the most nerdy space fan is bound to learn something.

The full timeline is below — be warned, it's quite a lot of scrolling. Vargic has also made the illustration available as an app for Android and iOS, which might prove a nice educational tool at home or in the classroom.

This Timeline Shows the Entire History — and Potential Future — of the Universe

[Halcyon Maps]

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    This was the most interesting article I've ever read. Period. Thank you.

    Wow - at first I thought this was going to be from XKCD. This is cool

    ummm.... what caused the Big Bang? like, what was before that?

      There are competing theories but there's no scientific means to answer the question definitively. We can only observe what the universe was like in its earliest moments and try to extrapolate from there.

        i think i remember one such about 3 things existing. a protein and two other things, or something like that, but it all just seems a bit implausible. but then, im only limited by my understanding of things ive seen and what limited knowledge i have on hand.

          Nope protein is a complex organic chemical.
          If (and this is a huge if as prior to big bang is prior to the start of space time) anything existed before the big bang, you'd expect a massive amount of ultra high energy packed in to an infinitely small space.

          But thats pure conjecture that i just made up.

      The big bang is the beginning of time and space. Being that there was no time, or space before it, asking '"what" was "before"' time and space existed is not really answerable from our point of view. It's tough to get your head around considering that 'before' and 'after', and 'something' and 'nothing' are such fundamental concepts for us, but only from within the universe governed by our universes physical rules. You need to remember that prior to the big bang, none of the laws of physics that govern our universe existed, so it's practically incomprehensible for us to imagine.

      The current understanding is that just as space expanded from a single point at the big bang, so did time. There was no "before".
      There are a number of hypotheses regarding a possible cause for the big bang, but so far as I know, none of them are provable (mostly because they rely on time travel or a concept of time outside of time).

      Before the Big Bang was the Big Bang Theory. I base my Big Bang Theory Theory on the fact that whenever I turn on the TV, Channel bloody 9 is running bloody repeats of the bloody Big Bang Theory. Extrapolating backwards in time it's clear that the Big Bang Theory has been running forever and therefore predates the actual Big Bang and time itself. The thing that actually caused the Big Bang was God exploding with rage at seeing yet another repeat of the Big Bang Theory approximately 14 billion years ago when He/She/It was expecting to tune into the cricket.

        upvote for you good sir, thank you for the end of day hilarity

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