This Sandbox Isn't For Kids, It's For Spacesuit Research

This Sandbox Isn't For Kids, It's for Spacesuit Research

Image Cache: People that get to do the same thing for a living as they did when they were a child are lucky. The ones that get to do it while wearing a space suit, too? They just make me jealous. Browse through the cool photos, animations and diagrams in Gizmodo's Image Cache here.

The guys in this image are testing space suits. In a sandpit. Here's a little more detail:

University of North Dakota graduate researcher Travis Nelson, wearing an NDX-1 spacesuit, practices scooping up objects and placing them into containers inside the SwampWorks regolith bin at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The university team is analysing the prototype suit's ability to protect astronauts while allowing them the flexibility to dig samples and perform other tasks in regolith, a fine, powdery soil similar to that found on Mars.

[Dimitri Gerondidakis/NASA]

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