These Australian Surfers Just Invented A Bin

These Australian Surfers Just Invented A Bin

It’s not a normal bin. It’s a bin for the ocean. And it’s actually quite clever.

Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are surfers that grew up in the ocean. Surfers who grew frustrated by the amount of crap floating past them as they tried to catch waves. Their solution: build a bin. A bin that could sit in the ocean, a bin that worked, to an extent, by itself. A bin that floated and cleaned the ocean efficiently.

How does it work?

“It essentially works as a similar concept to a skimmer box from your pool filter,” Seabin spokesman Richard Talmage told the ABC. “But it’s designed on a scale to work and essentially attract all that rubbish within a location within a marine harbour.”

It essentially sucks the litter into the bin. Way more efficient than swimming around stuffing garbage into your short pockets.

There are a few issues — the fact the seabin has to be powered from the land sort of hampers the scale of it, although the idea is apparently to try and stop litter from going further out into the sea in the first place. The second issue: won’t fish get caught in the bin? Particularly given the fact it operates with a current.

Either way, it’s a super cool idea. You can find out more about the Seabin here.