Telstra Is Providing Free Wi-Fi So You Can Instagram Your Holiday

This summer, Telstra will be providing eligible customers with free wi-fi through the Telstra Air network, enabling Australians to post more sun-drenched beach selfies than ever before. The offer starts today and will be available all the way through to June 30 2016, for both mobile and home broadband customers.

It's all explained pretty well in Telstra's announcement video, but here's the basic deal: if you're an eligible customer, whether new or existing, you can jump on Telstra Air's network of wi-fi hotspots for free until the offer ends. These are marked by Telstra's distinctive bright pink payphones, along with some retail stores and additional hotspots at popular locations like beaches and parks. If you're a mobile customer you'll be able to use any of the hotspots across Australia. Home broadband customers will also be able to use overseas 'Fon Spots' for free — as long as they don't exceed their home broadband allowance.

Telstra expects people to use "the data-equivalent of sending more than 50 million high-quality photos to post, browse, share and stream on our Wi-Fi network over summer," and they've cherry picked some of the locations that are likely to be most popular for summer phone usage. "[Customers will] be able to kick back and relax with their favourite content at selected beaches, parks and many of the nation’s top holiday destinations like Byron Bay, Rosebud, Surfers Paradise, Noosa and Margaret River,” says Neil Louis, Telstra's Head of Wi-Fi.

So how can you get connected? Make sure you're eligible over on Telstra's site, and sign up for Telstra Air. You'll also have to download the Telstra Air app to help you find and connect to hotspots. If you're an existing Telstra Air member then obviously you don't have to do anything new — just enjoy your free use while you have it. It also wouldn't hurt to jump on the Telstra Air site and check the available hotspots, whether you're after one near your house or at your favourite summer haunt.

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