Start Planning Your Iceland Trip Now To Rave In This Doomed Glacier

Start Planning Your Iceland Trip Now To Rave In This Doomed Glacier

Recent reports on Iceland’s glaciers have not been good. So the Icelanders came to exactly the right conclusion: Have a massive party inside a glacier before it disappears forever.

Just $367 will get you tickets to the event, and it’ll take a whole lot more to get you to the Langjökull glacier. But man… A crazy party in the middle of a glacier? Before it disappears forever and glaciers become a much rarer thing all around? That’s pretty damn priceless.

According to Plaid Zebra, this particular ice cave has around 10-15 years left in it. As people journey to the centre, they'll encounter ice that's over 10,000 years old.

Despite being Europe's 2nd largest glacier, there will only be 100 partygoers allowed inside at any time. And because it's going to be a combination of slippery dancing on hard surfaces, the event is being very strict about alcohol -- no intoxicated people will be let in, and each person gets two drinks maximum while inside.

But relax -- if you slip and bruise, you can always PUT SOME ICE ON IT.

Here's what the actual glacier looks like:

They've announced part of the lineup here, which features no one I know, but that's not really saying anything. I daresay despite all the restrictions, it'd be pretty hard to not have a good time.