Spotify Now Has Professionally Mixed Playlists To Get Your Party Started

Spotify Now Has Professionally Mixed Playlists to Get Your Party Started

Spotify certainly has enough music to keep you entertained, but its playlists can lurch from one track to the next with little finesse. Now, it's launching a new Party feature that includes mixed, beat-matched songs so that things feel a little more professional. The new playlists, part of a feature that will be known as Spotify Party, will be put together by what Spotify refers to as 'experts'. They will feature original content, from the likes of producer Diplo, as well as better-known party bangers, nut unlike most of the playlists you've probably endured at Spotify-based parties, the tracks will be beat-matched and actually mixed together. So it should feel (a little) more like a club and less like someone's apartment. One particularly neat feature is what Spotify's calling a 'mood slider'. The idea is that you can change the atmosphere of the upcoming tracks — maybe to transition from dinner with friends to some outrageous sofa dancing.

Party has rolled out on Android and iOS, with a total of 120 curated tracks available in the first instance. More content is set to be added in time.

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