Russell Crowe Is Angry He Can't Fly With A Hoverboard

Russell Crowe once threw a telephone at another human being in a public space, so it should come as no surprise that he's having a very public spat with Virgin Australia after being denied entry onto a flight.

And like many things things this Christmas: it's the hoverboard's fault.

Russell Crowe was attempting to board a flight with his family and was informed he could not board with his hoverboard/glider/segway/whatever the kids are calling them these days.

Virgin, for their part responded that Hoverboards are banned on luggage across most airlines, all over the world.

"Hi Russell, due to safety concerns over the lithium ion batteries in hoverboards, these have been banned on all major Australian airlines and many around the world," Virgin tweeted. "We're sorry you were not aware of this prior to check-in today. We hope to see you on board again soon."

That wasn't enough for Crowe, who fired back.

For their part, Virgin Australia explained that it was communicated in the dangerous goods section in the booking confirmation -- but who reads those right? Also Virgin claimed they've communicated it across their social networks, but who follows airlines on Facebook and Twitter?

I almost sympathise with Russell here, but it's sort of difficult to communicate everything that's banned on a flight. You just sort of have to roll with these things. Like the time I totally couldn't pass through customs with that sweet big bottle of water I had just bought. Devastated.

Also: I love the pure drama of this reply.

He's just a man. Standing in front of an airline counter. Asking Virgin Australia to love his Hoverboard.

The 'hoverboard' thing is getting absolutely hammered these days -- in the media, in the press, on this site! I spent a good amount of time with one and sort of loved it. But there's absolutely no doubt in my mind: it makes you look like a wanker. This might be further proof of this fact. But Russell is hardly the first man to be pissed off that a 'hoverboard' can't fly.



    Oh Rusty, just when I thought you'd rejoined the human race! I'd almost forgiven you for the "Water Diviner" too.

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    I think we are all a little angry we can't fly with a hoverboard, the movie was quite explicit in its 2015 promise. I don't blame virgins however, I bet some safety inspector went back in time to make sure hoverboard never fly.......

    To be fair lithium ion batteries have only ever burnt one 747 to a cinder that I've heard of....

    I understand why you'd be annoyed, but having a cry on twitter for a policy that is standard is pretty lame. Im sure his poor kids could afford to throw that one away and buy another one .

    I just don't understand why someone like Russell Crowe hasn't got his own private jet. Then he be able to take as many hover boards as he likes on board and be way more comfortable then a Virgin plane.

    I'm so embarrassed that Russell is Australian.

      Don't worry, he's not.

        Thanks for letting us know he's not Australian, I am sure peepee did LOL

          Officially he's not but the rest of the world thinks he is and he did make his career here. Also "peepee", really ? What are you, three years old ? Shouldn't you be on the sesame street site.

        But the rest of the world thinks he is even though he was born in new Zealand.

      He is a New Zealander, born in New Zealand, was not approved for Aussie citizenship.

    depends how you look at it-he was born in New Zealand and/or spent most of his youth there before he came to Oz looking for greener grass.

      Jokes on him, new zealand is much greener than australia.

        Only because they are all here standing on ours. Sorry, i joke.

    The kiwi is behaving like a petulant brat. Again. Rusty, they are the rules dickhead and if you don't like it, get on your own jet and take your toys with you there so the rest of us can fly in safety.

    What is it with self-opinionated actors and actresses, nothing but adults in the equivalent of a school play.
    Common sense people follow the rules made for everyone, not pea-brained Crowe, plus Depp and his playmate with the dogs, et al.

    Let's face it Russ. It's not the airlines fault you didn't read the fine print.

    When are you going to apologise to the air line Russell.?.

    Honestly, this scene no doubt happened hundreds of times at airports across the world over Christmas to 'non-millionaires/famous people', but we don't subscribe to their feeds or care about their troubles because they aren't famous.

    But seriously, dad finds out he has to ditch kids favourite new presents with a plane to catch. Before you go break your kid's happy little hearts, you wonder why something like this wouldn't be made obvious, and have a bitch about it.

    He's a millionaire, sure, but he's still a dad, with kids, that he has to manage, so he got upset just like everyone else. Was he right? Not 100% Was he wrong? Not 100%. Perhaps he really is just a human like the rest of us?

      Agree 👍

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