Relive The 80s With This Amiga Emulator For Chrome

Relive The 80s With This Amiga Emulator For Chrome

A nostalgic Google researcher recently flexed his C coding skills and built a fully functional Commodore Amiga 500 emulator for Chrome. You can try the realistic software here. It’s good, geeky fun.

Of course, it’s also a handy way to flaunt some of Chrome’s lesser known features. The Amiga emulator was built with Native Client, a C and C++ sandbox for Chrome. Said nostalgic researcher, Christian Stefansen, worked on the tool, so he’s showing off a little bit and notes that the emulator is “something like 400,000 lines of code.” Or so.

“On the main page you can boot the Amiga, insert floppy disks, play the games, and generally pretend it’s still the late 80s,” he explains in the site’s FAQ. “(We recommend some Enigma music or the soundtrack from the movie Top Gun in the background.)”

So open Chrome and go nuts. Robo-City awaits.

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Screenshot from Amiga 500 Emulator