Priest Suspended For Hoverboarding In Church

Priest Suspended For Hoverboarding in Church

It's the future! But the Catholic church doesn't seem ready to embrace it. A priest in the Philippines recently rode a hoverboard during a Christmas Eve Mass. But the Diocese of San Pablo has now suspended the poor hoverboarding Father. Video of the priest hit social media and instantly went viral. But conservative members of the church and the local Diocese of San Pablo were not pleased. They said that the priest has apologised and will take some time off to reflect on his hoverboarding ways.

From the Rappler:

In its statement, the Diocese of San Pablo added, "The priest said that it was a wake up call for him; he acknowledged that his action was not right and promised that it will not happen again."

"He will be out of the parish and will spend some time to reflect on this past event. He would like to apologise for what happened," the diocese said.

His Holiness the Chill Pope™ has yet to weigh in, but here's hoping that the church becomes less hover-phobic in the future. Oh, and less homophobic and ladyphobic too.

Priest Suspended For Hoverboarding in Church

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    Why the constant negative press from Gizmodo Australia about these self balancing 'hover boards'? They're just a toy for fucks sake. Weren't you kids once? How many kids ended up in hospital because broke their arms on their new trampolines? Do you guys have some sort of agenda?

    More people got hurt getting drunk this Christmas, but I don't hear about you guys calling for a ban on alcohol. Millions die from Tobacco related diseases every year, but I don't recall you covering every tiny little article that calls for a ban on the stuff.

    Isn't this a tech magazine site or a nanny-state propaganda machine?

      relax my child. The article is clearly pro-'hoverboard' in this case.

      Yea I'm sick of these hover board articles. And the new batch of climate change articles. They are so boring, it's a tech website not a climate change awareness website.

      Sorry for the gramma

      I agree based on their other negative articles. But this one is funny.

      I'm pretty sure its because neither trampoline, alcohol or tobacco manufacturers tried to sell the product as a "hoverboard".

      The aforementioned products lack of being a hoverboard is also the only they have in common with the above electric poly roly firestarter, which is also very much not a hoverboard.

        The main offender I have seen for calling them hover boards is Gizmodo. When I read Russell crows bit this morning from a fairfax publication they called the device a Segway. Yet come to Giz and it's Russell crow and his hover board.

        And I still do agree with bobtheslob Giz has an awful lot of anti what ever you want to call it articles.

        Last edited 30/12/15 11:40 pm

      Is Gizmodo your homepage?

    He is just lucky he didn't burn in Satan's Hoverboard short circuit of flame!

    Just imagine the fame of a priest going down to hell on a flaming Hoverboard! I guess it makes a change from the usual priest-related stories...

    Last edited 30/12/15 11:23 pm

    It’s the future! But the Catholic church doesn’t seem ready to embrace it. The church can't even embrace the present - there's no chance of them embracing the future.

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