Possible Samsung Galaxy S7 Leak Shows Next Year's Top Android Phone

The larger version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 is thought to have had its design leaked, in the form of a video supplied to case manufacturers to make sure their cases will suit the sizeable Android phone.

Check out the video above, which comes courtesy of uSwitch.

While a smaller version will be available, this larger S7 Plus will have a 6-inch screen, and looks to be lacking a USB-C port. As uSwitch mentions, previous rumours had pegged the S7 to include Type-C USB, which would have meant lightning fast battery charging and faster data transfers. But if the above renders are to be believed, it'll just have standard micro USB.

In fact, the render kind of shows us more about what the phone won't have, such as a micro SD slot. We'll probably have to wait until later to hear about what it does have, and if rumours that it'll feature a pressure-sensitive screen (similar to the iPhone 6s) are true. The grapevine is also saying it might have a 4K screen.

We should definitely know more about it in the first few months of 2016, and that's if it's not actually released Jan/Feb.


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