Obviously There Are A Bunch Of Trekkies Designing USA Today

Obviously There Are A Bunch Of Trekkies Designing USA Today

What’s that sound? Like millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced? You had one job, USA Today!


But oh no no nononono, this tweet simply does not tell the whole story. The designers at USA Today are much smarter than that. But if you unfold the front page of today’s paper, you start to see what’s really going on.

Here’s the unadulterated front page of today’s paper, pulled straight from the source. Notice anything?

As you look below the fold, you see that the Vulcan salute atop the masthead is actually honouring Leonard Nimoy (RIP) as one of the lives lost in 2015. But that’s not all. Look closer!

Not only is Spock prominently featured in the main image on the front page, another image of Nimoy is used to promote the special “Passages” edition of the paper. But wait, they just HAD to choose today to run George Takei’s editorial? Come on!

This was no mistake — obviously the folks running USA Today’s design department are messing with us. And huge Star Trek fans. I applaud them for what is some grade-A level nerdbait. Or just more proof that the world belongs to J.J. Abrams.