NBN Has Its First 1000 Customers On Fibre-To-The-Node

After 14 months since construction work was announced, the fibre-to-the-node portion of the National Broadband Network has passed a milestone; 1000 customers have been connected. That's the triumphant news from Australia's minister for communications this afternoon.

After 51 days since the fibre-to-the-node component's official launch as part of the multi-technology-mix National Broadband Network, communications minister Mitch Fifield, 1000 customers are connected — although there's no word on what "service class" these premises are. The minister was quick to point out in his press release that it took 15 months for the previous government to connect 1000 customers to the fibre-to-the-premises NBN.

Fifield's office says that from February next year, the rollout will become much more widespread, at a much faster rate than currently: "From February 2016, nbn is aiming to offer faster broadband to between 60,000 and 100,000 premises each month on the FTTN network. The only additional equipment required is a modem suitable for the super-speed vectored VDSL which internet providers can send to their customers on request for free."

14 months — or 51 days, depending whose numbers you like more. 1000 customers. Let's hope this roll-out ramps up quickly. [Minister for Communications]

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