Melbourne's IMAX Is All About Star Wars Hype

In preparation for some small indie film about magicians and their glowing swords (Star Wars, you might have heard of it), IMAX Melbourne has decided to give the starving artists a leg up and decorate its staircase with an epic 3D painting.

It'd be pretty damn cool to climb these stairs on your way to watch the new Star Wars film for the first time. And second, and third. But you'll have to wait a while — riding the hype wave, the cinema has broken its own ticket preorder record with over 17,400. As it points out, that's a heck of a lot for a single screen cinema.

Sharing the stairs on social media collected a lovely haul of digital adoration, with "20,000 likes, 4,000 shares, a Reddit thread, and a meme." A meme!

Starting December 17, the cinema will be playing Star Wars: The Force Awakens on repeat, 24 hours each day. The cinema is "pro mask and pro cosplay" as long as everyone is respectful to each other. None of that cosplay ban nonsense people are dealing with in the US.

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