Melbourne To Host International HiFi Show

Melbourne is set to host a show dedicated to all things audio, from July 1st to July 3rd, at the Pullman Mercure Hotel in Albert Park.

Organised by StereoNET, it doesn't look likely that you'll be able to find a quiet corner at this expo. In fact, you'll probably walk outside with a faint ringing in your ear, wondering why your friend is mouthing silent words at you.

It looks to be somewhat large. With 50 exhibition spaces and 65 brands, it'll have turntables for DJs to check out, headphones, and more amps than you can poke a schnitzel at. If you thought the noise level competition between booths was intense at other expos...

Expect to see a lot of new audio technology incorporating things like iPad controls, as well as booths showing you the perfect home cinema, yours today for a silly amount of money.

One day passes are going for $22, while three day passes are $50. The show expects that you'll be able to get tickets on the day at the hotel's ticketing desk. Additional shows are being planned for Sydney and NZ, but it looks like that'll be much later and we don't know too much about the dates yet.

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    There really isn't anything like this around, should be good exposure for some local produce.

    I have a set of speakers by an engineer out of Ipswich that sound great, look fab, pack some strangely good tech, and have gone entirely unknown for years now. Great product, ridiculously incompetent marketing.

      His marketing is so bad you can't even name him in a Gizmodo comment!
      But good point, local makers should get a presence at something like this!

        Yeah, they're terrible at creating exposure for their product, which shouldn't be hard when it looks like this:

          The problem is that it looks a bit like an air conditioner.

    There isn't anything like this around....except for the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show which has been around for years....

      That poor excuse for a show? I went last year and half the brands and ones I wanted to see that were listed as being there were not. Bring on another show.

      About time we had another exhibition. The previous Aussie one charged a bomb for brands I could see at JB on display. They also said a few brands would be there on the website that could not be found on the day. Looking forward to this one which seems a bit more exotic and boutique.

    And what a fine job they haven't done.

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