Kylo Ren Freaks Out About Everything

I don't think it's a spoiler to say that despite my minor quibbles with certain aspects of The Force Unleashed, Kylo Ren might already be my favourite villain in the Star Wars universe.

In this video, Kylo Ren freaks out about everything. It's adorable.

I am now going to use the rest of this post to talk about why Kylo Ren is the best.

— Temper tantrums — Legit angst that works in terms of the characterisation — Actual good acting

Stuff like that. Kylo Ren was the best. And this is nothing to do with the video I just posted so I'm going to stop now.

Have a nice day.

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    Pretty funny. He's definitely the most complex villain in the Star Wars saga to date. I still hate his name though. Couldn't they have called him "Kyle Ren" or something? "Kylo" just sounds stupid to me.

    Having said that, it's not nearly as bad as "Snoke"...

      I think I would have left the cinema if his name was Kyle.

      Snooke, one letter change away from another disturbance in the force

    He probably was named Kyle but he wanted to be "cool". He's just an angsty teenager. He dresses all emo, he changed his name to Kylo, he added a cross guard to his light saber which don't work, and he has frequent emotional tantrums.

    His emo.ness was comical, it took me out of the movie because he was not a real villian, just an angry baby.

      He's supposed to come off that way. He's still a kid, partially trained by both Jedi and Sith, thrown into a powerful position in a galactic army, with a lot expected of him. He's betrayed his mother, father, uncle, everyone he knew to appease a dead grandfather and a mysterious sith alien. Of course he's fragile and and emotionally charged. Hence why he has to go complete his training. I think the actor captured that well, and the scenes are specifically written to show his short fuse and fragility.

      I liked him, found his mood swings understandable for someone in his position and the conflict he was going through. All made sense to me.

    He was fantastic. It gets tiring seeing one dimension villains in movies. I'm evil blah blah blah. He actually has emotions and is struggling with himself on who he actually is.

    So surprised to read this article and the comments. I went with 7 people to the movie and all of us hated him. Didn't think he could act and looked like a different nationality compared to his two parents in the movie.
    I'm seeing it again this weekend and will take a closer look... So far though he is the jar jar of the latest movie for me.

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