It's Time To Leave Pluto Alone, NASA

It's Time to Leave Pluto Alone, NASA

OK, seriously NASA, release your staff for the holidays. They're clearly bored, and when nerds with access to world-class planetary data get bored, bad stuff happens. Case in point? Christmas Pluto.

Hasn't Pluto suffered enough indignities? First, to have its planetary status revoked, then, to be memeified by the internet? (Have we already forgotten Wrecking Ball Pluto? Kim Kardashian Pluto?) Oh, and let's not forget Psychedelic Pluto — wait that one was you, NASA. Now this. As Gizmodo's George Dvorsky put it, "That's planetary vandalism."

You've done great work this year, making the citizens of Earth fall in love with a wee little ice rock 3 billion miles away. Don't let it all go for some cheap ho ho hos.


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