How To Photograph Siberian Tigers, California Forests Dying, New Whale Species: What’s New Outside

How To Photograph Siberian Tigers, California Forests Dying, New Whale Species: What’s New Outside

Ever wonder how photographers capture epic, close up images of ultra-elusive tigers? It involves reading canned food labels. Meanwhile in California, our forests are going to die off. And theres first-ever shots of a new species of whale.

Quilt-Closures For New Mummy Bags: Want the comfort of a Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed, but want to cut a little weight, cost and packed size? They’re bringing the neato quilt-style closures to the popular Eleanor and Zissou mummies. Good all-round options for most outdoors stuff. [Sierra Designs]

Drones For Hire: Ever wanted pro-quality aerial footage of your own ski, snowboard or even MTB adventures? Cape is bringing a for-hire videography service to a resort near you. [Cape]

Custom Down Jackets: Eddie Bauer will build you one of its high performance, reasonably priced, ultralight down jackets in any combination of colours you want. [GearJunkie]

How Tigers Are Photographed: Legendary tiger photographer Sooyong Park walks NatGeo through his process. It involves sitting in a concrete bunker for months at a time, reading canned food labels out of shear boredom. Sounds like a blast. [National Geographic]

Living Through Climate Change In Greenland: Ciril Jazbec shares his incredible images from a small village in Greenland which is adapting to warmer arctic temperatures. Ignore the science and the politics if you want, this work is incredible. [National Geographic]

California’s Forests Are Dying: Speaking of climate change, up to 20 per cent of California’s forests are going to disappear in the near future. The calculation is made using aerial x-rays of forests to determine which and how many trees are near-death. [LATimes]

Omura’s Whales Observed: “This is the first definitive evidence and detailed descriptions of Omura’s whales in the wild and part of what makes this work particularly exciting,” says whale researcher Salvatore Cerchio, who captured this image and more. [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution]

Canoes x Design: This beautiful collaboration between abitibi & co canoes and Norquay Co brings stunning visuals to elegant watercraft. At this eyewatering price, I’m tempted to just break out some spray paint and find a used Old Town Penobscot though. [abitibi & co]

What We’re Up To: “Just made it back down to Namche Bazaar,” writes Chris. “Had a great climb of Lobuche East (6089M,) alpine style (not using fixed ropes, like Island Peak last year.) It wasn’t even hard!!! I’ll be back in Kathmandu in a couple of days before jumping on a flight to Kenya to photograph something.” Meanwhile, I’ve been eating a bunch of venison and testing the new 2016 Specialised Turbo S e-bike. Couldn’t be more impressed with it, look for a review very soon.

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