Hot Toys’ Batman V Superman Line Will Include A Massive Batmobile, Too

Hot Toys’ Batman V Superman Line Will Include A Massive Batmobile, Too

There should be no surprises that Hot Toys will be turning their uncannily details eyes towards Batman v Superman ahead of its release next year. But the company have started lifting the lid on their plans for the movie, and said plans include a rather massive, and rather swanky, Batmobile toy to stuff the Dark Knight into.

Ahead of a full unveiling at the Toy Soul event in Hong Kong this Friday, the company took to Facebook to offer a few teasers for its Batman v Superman toys — namely the huge 1/6th scale Batmobile. We’ve seen the outside of Batman’s beefed up new ride in the movie before, but the toy lets us take a look at the technological trickery going on in its innards, too:

It looks a lot like a Batmobile, unsurprisingly! So many buttons to press, Bruce, and so little time.

But it’s not just the Batmobile that got teased — so did the titular heroes themselves… and it’s not just the Batmobile that’s looking massive, either:

Oh god, I know that Batman is rather beefy himself in this new movie, but that neck. It’s bigger than it is in the film! It’s a Batman figure with more neck than actual face. Hopefully that’s just an angle thing or its the material of the cowl billowing out or something, but otherwise, that’s a little more Incredible Hulk than it is Dark Knight.

The figures and the Batmobile will have a proper unveiling this Friday at Hong Kong Toy Soul — presumably we’ll know a release window and a price (I’m betting on expensive?) around then, too.

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