Here's What You Talked About On Facebook This Year

Facebook has released the most talked about topics of the year, with Tony Abbott right at the top of the list, way ahead of Tay Tay. In fact, politics were the clear lead in all of the metrics lists released by Facebook, with Abbott (almost) also dominating 2014, and the US presidential election as the global favourite.

Here's our top 15 most talked-about topics in Australia for 2015:

1. Tony Abbott

2. Malcolm Turnbull and leadership spill

3. ANZAC Day 100th Anniversary

4. Bali Nine executions

5. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis

6. Nepal Earthquakes

7. November 13 Attacks in Paris

8. Floyd Mayweather

9. Fight Against ISIS

10. Adam Goodes

11. Same-sex marriage debate

12. Mars flyby

13. Bronwyn Bishop expenses scandal

14. Ed Sheeran

15. Taylor Swift

Facebook released a video which actually makes me wonder why some other things aren't on the list. Perhaps they lacked consistency. Like the dress. You remember the dress?

Here are the most talked-about topics globally:

1. US Presidential Election

2. November 13 Attacks in Paris

3. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis

4. Nepal Earthquakes

5. Greek Debt Crisis

6. Marriage Equality

7. Fight Against ISIS

8. Charlie Hebdo Attack

9. Baltimore Protests

10. Charleston Shooting & Flag Debate

And, for comparison's sake, here are the most talked-about topics in Australia in 2014:

1. Robin Williams

2. Tony Abbott

3. Malaysia Airlines

4. Ice Bucket Challenge

5. Game of Thrones

6. Ebola virus outbreak

7. Conflict in Gaza

8. South Sydney Rabbitohs

9. World Cup

10. Melbourne Cup

Tony Abbott quite high on both lists, but I daresay that will go down in the 2016 rankings. I also can't help but notice Game of Thrones went from 5th to not even ranking at all, which seems to be at odds with the show's released ratings figures. Perhaps it's encouraging that the top half of the list consists of serious issues, and you have to get down to 8th place before hitting the highest paid sportsperson alive.

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