G.Skill Unveils 64GB DDR4-3200 Kits Before The New Year

G.Skill Unveils 64GB DDR4-3200 Kits Before The New Year

It’s not the first DDR4 kit G.Skill has released over 3000Mhz and it’s not even the first kit available on the market for 64GB (or even 128GB). But if you’re a stickler for your timings, don’t like the idea of buying two identical kits and absolutely must have 64GB of DDR4 modules in your next workstation, then there’s a new option for you.

Image courtesy of G.Skill

Using ICs courtesy of Samsung, the 64GB kit is made up of four 16GB DDR4 modules, running at 3200MHz and CL14-14-14-35 timings. The RAM has XMP 2.0 profiles in their serial presence detect chips, meaning that compatible motherboards should be able to automatically set the maximum clock rates for the chips.

G.Skill says the DDR 4 kits will be available in their Trident Z and Ripjaws V variants, the latter being the more budget-conscious of G.Skill’s brands.

The 64GB kit isn’t available locally yet, but should hit our shores in the new year before too long. Anandtech says that the module with CL15 15-15-35 timings, the slower of the two DDR4-3200 kits, will cost US$499.99 whereas the faster will set you back US$579.99.

For comparison, MSY are selling single DDR4-3200 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V modules for $238. You can find others through a StaticICE search, although keep in mind you’ll probably find a lot of kits made up of 4GB or 8GB modules instead. (Which might be fine, if that’s all you want.)