Dyson Is Bringing Its Super-Efficient LED Lamps To Australia Next Year

LED lamps consume a miniscule fraction of the energy of incandescent or fluorescent globes to create light, but the heat generated as a byproduct of the process is detrimental to the diodes' long-term life span. Jake Dyson, the son of prolific inventor and engineering genius James Dyson, was involved in the development of Dyson Lighting's CSYS lamp -- boasting a 154,000 hour life, or 37 years of use -- that will be released in Australia in 2016.

Dyson says the CSYS system solves a problem inherent with LED lights -- the problem of the diodes' small heatsinks not being able to transfer heat away effectively faster than it is being created. Over the long term, this means that overheated LED lights lose their efficiency and suffer lowered brightness; CSYS, inspired by the systems used in satellites, uses heatpipes -- just like those in your laptop, or in the graphics card in your gaming PC -- to transfer heat away.

I've seen the CSYS lamps -- both a desk- or bedside-sized model, and a larger floor-standing variant -- in action, and they're utterly beautiful. The entire horizontal segment of the lamp warms up when it's switched on; that's proof enough that the internal phase-change heatpipe is doing its work. The designs are utterly minimalist -- there's a neck and an arm, both of which are adjustable and that swivel over a 360-degree range, milled out of thin but sturdy (and heat-conductive) aluminium.

The heatpipe tech means that the CSYS lights boast a run-time of 154,000 hours, or 37 years when used continuously for 11 hours per day. (The lights might last even longer than you do.) Dyson is bringing at least two different CSYS lamps to Australia in 2016; we don't yet know pricing or the exact release date, but the same lights are already available in the UK for £399 and £599 for the desk and floor variants respectively with black, white and silver colourways on offer.

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    Jesus christ the Dyson Tax is strong in this one!

      Give that man an Internet.

    I have used this lab equipment!

    Oh, that's a designer lamp?!

    I love the idea of decent led lamps, and I've been buying and using them, but they keep failing long before they are supposed to, long before they are economic.

    I simply can't justify continuing to buy them.

      what exactly are you using them for? (ie. as per the label)

      I have a lamp which has been used fairly regularly since 2001 as my office deck lamp, and its output is about the same as it was when new.

      Sounds as if you have mistaken Designer and Expensive with Decent and Economic.

      I think mine is a cheesy $2 i-Mac(1999) styled halogen lamp (with a JB-weld-fixed-broken-base), how many would it take to make up for one dyson Extravaganza. Maybe one of these Days I will replace the bulb with an LED or 2.

      PS. Note the Succession plan here?

      Dyson leverages great designers and engineers, and puts his son's name on it (rather than his own)..
      Add a few orders of magnitude and you-too can build a dynasty.

        To clarify, my gripe is about standard LED bezel roof lights, used in my hall / lounge / kitchen.

    Are these lamps really more "efficient" than standard LED lamps or is it just more of the patented dyson bullshit? ahem... i mean marketing.

      Well considering their rated lifespan is what, three times greater than a garden variety LED bulb, I'd say yes. Although you're paying exponentially more.

        I suppose it's all a matter of opinion but i find Dyson products are just for the "wank factor" yes the lamp might work for a little longer and their fans have a fancy hole in the middle but in my opinion their products are just not worth it, their vacuums might be but i'll probably never know.

        Yes i did buy one of those fancy desk fans and immediately regretted it, it was loud, the light was ungodly bright and it took up more desk room than a desk fan should and the dust it collected.. That was $300 i am never getting back.

          The vacuums are definitely worth it, and yea, the first gen fans were pretty universally hated due to the noise. New ones are a hell of a lot quieter.

          The W-factor, is highly underrated by poor-people.


          Rich people experience it so much so that they don't even notice it any more. What once gave them a buzz just becomes more natural and convenient than all other factors combined.

          Every product that trades on Exclusivity is leveraging the underrated W-Factor.

          For Marketing purposes you can shorten it to just W_F

          Last edited 02/12/15 2:49 pm

    I wonder what these are like for affecting your sleep? I have a few LED torches and the light is much more blue than a typical incandescent would be.

      CRI is a big thing for LEDs -- they're more 'sunlike' than a CFL bulb, but I don't think anything is as close as an incandescent yet. But the white balance of the CSYS lights is nice and white, perhaps tending slightly to warmer.

    Wouldn't it be better if they made a product where the owner could replace the bulb themselves? I know it might sound strange, but it would also mean in the future you could replace the bulb for something brighter or more efficient.

    They will connect this miracle lamp to a power supply that lasts 2 years... and 1 day...

    Let's just say the design (not the LED engineering) is a "homage" to the Artemide Talak.

      I love the inverted commas, as in "RIPOFF"??

        It is a deliberate euphemism. I wouldn't go any further than that since it's subjective and there's no Apple versus Samsung style lawsuit to determine the similarity. ;D

        Existing 10 years prior to the Dyson should exclude coincidence. I only point it out since a big selling point is the design. The Talak costs much more incredibly.

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