Dead In The Water: Firefox OS Won't Be Turning Up On Mobiles Anytime Soon

Firefox OS was a thing, right? Mozilla demoed it quite a few times, then smartphones packing the platform started appearing. In the last six months however, it's been deathly quiet on the Firefox OS front. Probably because it is dead, at least for now.

Ingrid Lunden over at TechCrunch got in touch with Mozilla regarding the fate of its mobile operating system and received a response from the company's senior VP for connected devices, Ari Jaaksi. For Firefox OS enthusiasts, the news isn't great:

Firefox OS proved the flexibility of the Web, scaling from low-end smartphones all the way up to HD TVs. However, we weren't able to offer the best user experience possible and so we will stop offering Firefox OS smartphones through carrier channels. We'll share more on our work and new experiments across connected devices soon.

The good news is there's nothing stopping you from installing the OS on your device — it's not like Mozilla is deleting it from the web or anything. Still, it's never a good sign when hardware vendors aren't knocking down your door for it.

[TechCrunch, via gHacks]

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