Dallas Buyers Club Wants A ‘Not Modest’ Amount Of Money

Dallas Buyers Club Wants A ‘Not Modest’ Amount Of Money

Dallas Buyers Club today put forward an amended list of damages it would request from pirates, and though Justice Perram will decide on Wednesday whether to release contact details for DBC to pursue, he described one of the included figures as “not modest”.

iTnews reports that DBC only has a limited amount of time to back up its already-amended claim.

Previously, DBC had been seeking the cost for a single copy of the film, plus more nebulous claims — including for punitive damages based on how many other copyrighted works had been downloaded by the infringer.

After Justice Perram ruled that two of those items were “untenable”, the list has now been modified to remove the punitive element, and restructured to include a license fee for uploading the file to other BitTorrent users.

According to iTnews, the submission including a licensing fee, which would be a blanket fee provided to everyone, was confidential — though Justice Perram commented that it was “not modest”. He also claimed he couldn’t calculate what an appropriate licensing fee should be, without knowing the context of DBC’s other licensing arrangements, despite DBC attempting to cite a precedent involving stock photos. Perram denied DBC extra time to provide licensing details and said he would make his decision on Wednesday.