Cut Down Those Filthy Trolleses With This LOTR Lightsabre

Cut Down Those Filthy Trolleses With This LOTR Lightsabre

And today’s mash-up of fantasy and sci-fi comes to us courtesy of Vader’s Vault, an outfit that specialises in crafting custom lightsabres. Rather than get the usual blade, one client requested something special — a Lord of the Rings-themed weapon.

Yes, I have no idea what that would look like either, but unperturbed by the order, Vader’s Vault produced this marvel.

It works, I suppose. I can imagine it being lovingly crafted by Imladris’ finest elven artisans. Might have a bit of trouble asking the dwarves if you can use the Arkenstone as a focus though.

For the curious, here are its real-life specifications:

Crystal Focus V5
LEDEngin RGBW in Oppression Stopping Purpliscious Purple
Custom flushmount purple AV switch
Custom Mystic Topaz topped aux switch
Amazingly detailed exposed Crystal Chamber
Hand cut and engraved brass overlays with Elvish Script
7.4V Li Ion Battery pack
Patterned purple genuine leather rear grip

The bit about the leather grip, battery and engraved brass is about all I understood. Who knew the Undying Lands were in a galaxy far away?

[Vader’s Vault, via Geek Girls]