China Wants To Gamify Obedience To The State

China Wants To Gamify Obedience To The State

I stumbled across this video today and now I’m scared.

Imagine something banal like a Klout score. Now imagine that instead of measuring your influence on social media it measured how social media presence represented the interests of the state of China and then limited your opportunities based on that score.

Yep. Terrifying.

It’s called Sesame Credit and people in China are voluntarily using it right now. According to this video it may end up being mandatory by the year 2020. This is some Aldous Huxley style shit. It’s essentially a license to use social media peer pressure to maximise the good behaviour of its citizens. If you think this sounds like something out of a terrible dystopian novel, you’d be right. But this is real life.

Very scary stuff.