Christmas Camera Gifts For Beginners Who Want To Become Pros

Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

It's time you stepped up your camera gaming, ditching your smartphone lens for something with more photographic muscle. If you're just starting out, check out this selection of cameras that are great throwing you (or a friend) into the world of high-end photography.

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Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

Sony RX10 Mark II

Buying a bag's worth of lenses is expensive and an all around pain. The Sony RX100 Mark II does many of the amazing things a DSLR kit with three lenses can do in one manageable package. It has a 28-100 f/1.8-4.9mm lens and the one-inch size sensor means image quality above and beyond a smartphone or cheap point-and-shoot. There are newer models in the RX100 series, but they get super expensive. This one is really all you need for great looking pics.

Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

If you love the idea of filling your bag with lenses but don't want to break the bank, the EM10 Mark II is a super small system camera with a host of really great and moderately priced lenses to choose from. It has great controls and is speedy to focus, and the built-in stabilisation will give you more usable shots in low light.

Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

Canon G5X

Canons's G5 X is a spiffy-looking choice for something easy to use. It's got well-designed touchscreen controls as well as really nice physical dials. The zoom lens is bright and extends from an equivalent 24-100mm or 4.2x magnification. The built in viewfinder and fully rotating screen are some other perks.

Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

Nikon D3300

Some people just really want a DSLR. It looks professional and stuff! Well, here is a good one. The Nikon D3300 gets great scores all around for image quality and usability.

Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

Panasonic LX100

This is probably the best camera you can get in such a small package. Not only does it take great photos with its 24-75mm f/1.7-2.8 Leica lens, it shoots 4K video and has a built-in electronic viewfinder for more comfortable shooting. It's a pretty complete package, which is why it's on the expensive side, at $US800. It's not as simple to use as the Canon, nor does it have a flip-out screen. But if you're shooting video, it's much better quality.

Cameras for Beginners Who Want to Become Pros

Sony a6000

Bang for your buck is the story of the Sony a6000. Image quality is amazing -- the best out of any in this gift guide -- and its autofocus is some of the best out there. For only $US650! It's a great camera for people who want to purchase different lenses and shoot in low light. But beware, the good lenses can be costly.



    how to make a small fortune from photography; start with a large one...

    how about something useful that isn't a camera? For people who already have a decent camera who need other things or accessories to go with it?

    My 15 year old cousin is currently mad about photography and already has three cameras, what else can I get her? A fistful of SD cards isn't going to cut it.

      How about a Gorillapod? Or an external remote for tripod photography?

        Gosh it would be great to have an article on things like that.

          Are you seriously having a whinge right after Campbell tried to help you out? Believe it or not, every article isn't aimed directly at you! Talk about entitled.

      If you must. Ask the person what they want that they don't already have (nothing worse than a well thought out present that the person doesn't need or want.

      Cleaning tools, tripod heads, filters, lights, camera bags, backup drives / power bank, etc...

      that really depends on what type of photography she is interested in and what your budet is doesn't it?
      No point recommending a 10 stop ND filters for a portrait photographer for example.

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