Blinking Looks Super, Super Creepy In Slow-Motion

Video: This high-speed video of humans blinking allowed scientists to study the mechanics of the eye blink. It will also let them study how disconcertingly weird and creepy blinking actually is.

This video can show you a few things about eyes, like the “palpebral aperture” — defined as the space between the apex of the top lid and the nadir of the lower lid. Also, blinking has four phases: closing, closed, early opening and late opening.

Mostly, though, it lets non-scientists marvel at the sight of people blinking in slow motion. How creepy looking is that? With the pupil bulging blindly behind the lid?

There are a few important things that you can tell by a blink. People with Parkinson’s have a pause between closing and opening the eyes. So this study on how healthy people blink could show us a few things about how diseases affect quick motions. But in the meantime, are you ready for another?