Aussie Bitcoin Inventor’s House Raided By Police

Aussie Bitcoin Inventor’s House Raided By Police

The house of a man allegedly involved in the creation of Bitcoin, as uncovered by an investigation by Gizmodo and Wired, has reportedly been raided by police in Sydney’s north west.

The Guardian reports that police have raided the house of Craig Steven Wright in Gordon, the man supposedly uncovered as one of the founding figures of the Bitcoin protocol by independent investigations by Gizmodo and Wired. At around 1:30PM, approximately 10 police arrived at the house, and police staff wearing white gloves were seen searching cupboards and the house’s garage.

Gizmodo has contacted the Australian Federal Police for comment on the matter. The Australian Tax Office issued a statement over email: “Due to confidentiality provisions in the tax act the ATO is unable to comment on any individual’s or entity’s tax affairs.”

According to Reuters:

The police raid in Australia came hours after Wired magazine and technology website Gizmodo published articles saying that their investigations showed Wright, who they said was an Australian academic, was probably the secretive bitcoin creator. Their investigations were based on leaked emails, documents and web archives, including what was said to be a transcript of a meeting between Wright and Australian tax officials.

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